Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Michael Buble: Crazy Love

Last night Hubby & I headed out on the town for dinner & the Michael Buble concert. We joined my parents' at Doe's for a nice dinner and then headed over to the concert. A quick full disclaimer...I am NOT a concert-goer....I'm just not. I love a ton of different artists and enjoy listening to good music, but I've just never gotten into the concert scene.

However, when my parents' had the opportunity to buy early tickets to the Buble show...I couldn't pass it up! we went and I was definitely impressed!

The show started off with an accapella group...Naturally 7. They were absolutely incredible & so talented...I think Hubby might have been more entertained by them than by Michael Buble!

Naturally 7

Hubby & I

And then it was time for the show to start! We ended up having excellent seats & it was definitely an entertaining concert! He's a true entertainer and threw some hilarious comedy in with all the fabulous music!

The stage....

And the man of the hour...

About halfway through, they set up a small stage out in the middle of the floor and he performed almost right in front of us. He sang "Home" at this point & dedicated it to the Joplin Tornado Victims.

Do you want Michael in blue & green...?

or red & purple?

Definitely a fun evening!


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fun evening, jealous!:) Great pics!!!

Dana-v said...

How bizarre is this.......I had dinner and went to the concert with your sister-in-law! She's a friend of a friend, and we all went together! Small world........again!

Dana-v said...

Yep, I was with Nancy!!! Nancy is one of my best friends!!!

Casa Cannon said...

looks like so much fun!

Llama said...

WHATTTTTT??!?!? You are so lucky! How AMAZING!!