Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bye, Bye, First Tri!

Well as of last Saturday, we officially departed the first trimester and headed full on into the 2nd! I can't believe that we're already 14 weeks along, it seems like yesterday we were revealing our big news to everyone. a milestone for entering the 2nd tri, I've decided to start doing some weekly pregnancy updates like so many other bloggers have done in the past.

I realize most of you probably won't care, but if anything this is just for my own personal memory...because we all know that I won't remember these details several months from now!

How Far Along: 14 1/2 Weeks...15 on Saturday!

And my first official blog belly's not the greatest first photo, but this is what a tired momma looks like after a half-day of work, a dr's appointment, and a fun afternoon of shopping with my mother-in-law. I was definitely ready for some comfy clothes, but really wanted to get a belly photo out there!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: It's really hard to say, the scale is saying about 2-3 lbs at this point but with dr's appointments at 1:30 in the afternoon I really think the scale numbers are going to be a bit skewed! I mean seriously, this momma has got to eat some lunch! So...I've been weighing on a full stomach; or maybe that's just the excuse I'll use for my entire pregnancy! ha!

Gender: I have no idea...but we find out in 5 weeks! Hubby is convinced we're having a little girl, but he's going against the grain as other old wives' tales are indicating a little baby boy!

Movement: Not yet, I can't even begin to imagine how wonderful that will feel! The dr. said yesterday that for a first-time momma I'll probably really start noticing it around 20 weeks.

Sleep: Still fabulous. I had started sleeping with a pillow between my legs before becoming pregnant and that seems to really help me sleep on my side!

What I miss: Jimmy John's...a nice big cold turkey & cheese sandwich! And caesar salad....

Cravings: Nothing really at this point, other than those things that I know I can't have. I think I only crave those because I know I CAN'T have them. I have been missing my Dr. Pepper, but I've started allowing myself one a day if needed for a little pick-me-up.

Symptoms: Definitely feeling a little tired, but not nearly as tired as I was around weeks 8-10 or so...and it's becoming nearly impossible to suck in. Thankfully I completely avoided any morning sickness for this pregnancy; woohoo!

Maternity Clothes: Not quite! I haven't had to officially sideline any of my dress pants or skinny jeans, but I figure it's only a matter of time before those get a Bella Band tossed on to make them work. I'm hoping that several of my loose fitting tops & dresses will last for quite awhile with a nice comfy pair of leggings!

Best Moment this week: Our doctor's appointment, another good, strong, normal heartbeat...everything is still going just fine & we made the official appointment for our Gender Ultrasound! Here we come July 27th!

And I can't believe I'm about to do this...but I figure it's just part of another belly photo, just a little more bare this time.


Bethany said...

Look at you and all your cuteness! Can't wait to meet Baby Layman!!!!!!!! So glad we've become good friends. :)

Casa Cannon said...

AHHH!!!!! you look soooo great!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

So sooo cute! yay for onto the next trimester!!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

So exciting to be out of that first trimester, and you look fabulous!!

Lindsey said...

You look soooooo great!!

Lyryn said...

You are going to hate me... I mean hate me. I can not believe I DIDN'T know you were preggo! Holy crap, have I been living under a rock?!? Anyway, congrats girly!!!!

Looks fabulous!

Llama said...

You look AMAZING have such a GLOW :)

Callie Nicole said...

Yay for the second trimester! The belly pictures are so cute - you look wonderful!