Monday, May 14, 2012

My Very 1st Mother's Day

If I had written the script & scenes for my very first Mother's Day weekend, I'm not sure I could have done any better than how it happened in real life. 

Friday evening we met up with some friends for dinner at a new local restaurant:  Aviary Cafe & Creparie.  We had delicious savory crepes for dinner followed up by some fabulous sweet, chocolate crepes for dessert.  We had Elyse along with us and while she was restless from missing her evening nap, she still did incredibly well for being forced to stay in our laps for the entire meal.   

Daddy & Elyse before dinner
Saturday morning came bright & early as it was time for our neighborhood garage sale.  Nick & I are both pretty good at purging things throughout the year, always creating a fairly nice stack of items to try and pass on to those who decide to roam our neighborhood looking for some good deals.  We only had about 3 tables worth (one completely full of clothes), but we ended up walking away with about $125.  Hey, that's $125 we didn't have before and most all of our junk is now gone!
The garage sale across the street:  the kiddos made over $60 selling water, chips, donuts, & lemonade!
 After the garage sale & Elyse's nap, we came outside for some fresh air.  She is learning to situp unassisted and is loving to sit between our legs and reach for toys.  It's so fun to watch her brain develop right before our eyes!
Hanging out with Mommy

Elyse:  Mom are we done with pictures this weekend?  Momma:  Nope, it's Mother's Day...lots more pictures to come!

We spent our Saturday night at home, grilling burgers & making homemade french fries, going for a walk with Elyse & Bogey and after we put Elyse to be watching a movie on the couch.  I'm honestly not sure how an evening could get much better than that.  

Sunday morning was a little chaotic as we were trying to get around for church a bit early as they were taking family photos as a gift to all the mothers.  However, we definitely made time for some playing with Elyse & also some presents for momma.  Elyse & Daddy got me a canvas hand print set so we can document Elyse's hands & feet & also a wall frame collage from Red Envelope so I can fill it with some Elyse's photos.  I've been asking for this collage for quite some time so I was so excited to open it up! 
Look Mom!  I'm able to balance myself on my activity gym!
 After church we met up with my parents & mom's parents for lunch at Ruby Tuesday.  My grandma has been fighting some healthy issues for the last several months and actually made it to church yesterday for the first time in 7 months.  I honestly couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day present for my momma! 
4 Generations:  Gigi, Town Grandma, Momma, & Elyse
We all headed down to my parents' house after lunch for some relaxing.  Elyse went down for her nap & we all just had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather.  My brother and his wife showed up about the time Elyse woke up from her nap...and it was time for some photos! 
Uncle Nick stole Elyse's sunglasses

My family of 3 on Mother's Day
Momma & Daugther, sporting her new glasses from Gigi & Papa

Testing out the pool water for the first time

The beautiful women of the Smart Family:  Millie, Elyse, Lauren, & Momma

Since Elyse was so bright-eyed, we decided to let Elyse have another first:  a 4-Wheeler Ride.  My dad's parents live basically across the field & through the woods from my parents house so Hubby strapped on the Baby Bjorn, loaded up Elyse, and our entire crew headed to my grandparents' house...dogs & all.  We drove extremely slow & extremely carefully...but I really think she enjoyed the ride!  

Elyse's first 4-wheeler ride!
 We were able to spend some quality time with my grandparents & actually got to see some other family as well.  Within 10 minutes of us showing up, my aunt & uncle, cousins & their significant others (a wife & a girlfriend) showed up as well...along with their dogs.  So...for about an hour it was quite hilarious as my grandparent's welcomed 12 adult visitors, a 5 month old baby, and 8 dogs.  Yep, we're a dog-loving family! 
Me, Grandma & Elyse

Passed out in Grandma's arms with my ankles crossed like a lady!

Not sure if you can see it, but Elyse has her tongue out...I think she was ready to go home! 
We headed back to the house to get dinner on the table, hoping that Elyse would go down for her nap.  But it wasn't time for was time for playing with Uncle Nick & Aunt Millie!
I swear, my brother Nick can get Elyse talking more than anyone Elyse! She loves him!

And she also loved some naked-baby time!

She loves her Uncle Nick so much she thought she'd take a bite...

but then decided her own toes might taste better! 
We finished off the evening with a wonderful meal of steaks, baked potatoes, salad, & an assortment of cupcakes.  Elyse took a brief nap & gave all of us adults some time to enjoy a fabulous dinner together celebrating my momma! 
Red Velvet, Tuxedo, Carrot Cake, Chocolate/Peanut Butter, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Double Chocolate, & White Confetti...mmmmmmm!
 Before heading home it was time for one last activity...swinging outside.  This girl was LOVING it and I can already imagine her saying in a few years..."Higher Momma, Faster Momma...Higher Daddy, Faster Daddy!"
Love that precious girl, and so incredibly blessed & honored to be called her momma!

I can't believe my First Mother's Day is already in the books, but it's time for another week and almost time to celebrate our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary on Saturday...where oh where does the time go!?!?


Meg {henninglove} said...

happy first mother's day lauren!! she is so precious and wow sitting unassisted good for her!!

Sara said...

What a fun weekend and an amazing mother's day! Love your cardigan! You look fantastic!

memphis belle said...

Looks like you had a great Mother's Day Weekend. Our little December babies are growing up too fast! (I'm a huge Cardinals fan too!)

memphis belle said...

i just read your post announcing Elyse's birth. Our baby girls were born 16 minutes apart! Molly was born at 5:01 pm.

Laura Darling said...

Aww I'm so glad you had a great first Mother's Day! Elyse is a doll!