Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Bathing Beauty & Papa's Birthday

Our Memorial Day weekend was split between us being in Chicago and time spent with family enjoying the holiday.  We arrived home on Saturday evening and had a nice dinner with my parents & Elyse before coming home and getting back in our routine of being a family of 3.  I was certainly glad to be home with my baby girl! 

On Sunday we went to church and then quickly headed down to my parents' house.  It was my dad's birthday and the weather was perfect for Elyse's first pool outing so we loaded up Elyse, Bogey, & all of our stuff and off we went!

Before heading out to the pool we showed Elyse the new doll Momma & Daddy bought for her in Chicago.  Yes, we are THOSE parents who bought her her first American Girl Bitty Baby before she even understands what dolls are.  However, she certainly enjoyed chewing on her hands & licking her head!  ha!

Shaking hands Elyse style:  Doll hand in the mouth!  Nice to meet you Bitty Baby!
One hand on the face, one hadn in the mouth...perfect! 

And a nice big suck on the forehead for good measure!  I can't believe that soon she'll be draggin' this doll around everywhere with her! 

After some time with the doll we headed out for her first official experience with the pool.  I'm pretty sure that she had a little dip with her Papa & Gigi while we were in Chicago, but they saved her first official dunking for Momma & Daddy! 
Checking out the water temp with daddy!

and now getting my legs all wet!
Family Photo:  without Elyse looking at the camera! 

Going for a ride with daddy in my own personal shaded raft!

Time for some relaxation...

Sun hat...check, Sunglasses...check, Sunscreen...check, Rash Guard...check, Shaded Raft...check, Pacifier...check!  Wait, where's the pool boy to fan me?!?
After an afternoon full of fun in the sun, we had a fabulous family dinner and then welcomed the grandparents for cake & homemade ice cream.  It's such a huge blessing for both sets of my grandparents to live so close & for them to experience Elyse's development!  They just love being around their great grand-daughter!
Elyse with her momma & family matriachs:  Great Grandma Smart & Great Grandma Herndon
All the gorgeous women in my family:  My momma, Great Grandma Smart, Me, Elyse, Great Grandma Herndon, & my sister-in-law Millie!  How blessed I am to have such fabulous women in my life! 
Make a wish dad! 
During dinner my dad said all that he really wanted or needed for his birthday was for his family to be together, and I have to admit it was a pretty fabulous day just spending time with family & recognizing how incredibly blessed we are!


Melanie said...

She sure does love her dolly!!! And I can't believe how relaxed and at ease she is about being in the pool! Makayla got a baby pool for her bday but wont sit in it..yet anyways! Just likes to stick her hands in (while sitting outside) and splash!

Lindsey said...

I love the cowboy hat!!! I need to get Garth one! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

O my gosh, those pic are too much! And you are so lucky to have your extended family there. My boys get to see their great grandma this afternoon. We are so excited!

Tiffany Mendenhall said...

Cute, cute, cute! And what precious family photos you will cherish forever!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Look like the doll Is a great teething toy:-) what a fun filled weekend!!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Love it darling! lets follow each other <3

Megan said...

Okay, baby girl in the pool is precious! What a sweet little baby! I love her suit! Y'all are just the cutest family!