Thursday, May 24, 2012

See You Soon Baby Girl!

Today's the day.  We leave in a few short moments to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in the Windy City.  We're leaving Elyse in the very capable and loving arms of my mom & dad, but it doesn't change  the fact that for the next 2ish days, I'll be without my baby girl...the little girl who has completed my life for the last 5 1/2 months. 

And so, the next 2ish days by the numbers: 
  • 75~minutes until I kiss my baby goodbye
  • 55~actual hours I'll be away from Elyse
  • 55~hours I'll be alone with my husband celebrating & remembering why we fell in love in the first place
  • 10~feedings I'll miss
  • 10~times I'll attempt to pump to maintain my supply
  • 2~nights that Hubby & I will sleep without expecting to be woken by a baby's whimpers
  • 2~nights that I hope Elyse sleeps through the night for my parents' sake
  • 1~authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
  • 1~sunset viewing from the Willis Tower
  • 1~fancy steak dinner at a romantic restaurant
  • 1,000,000,000~thoughts I'll have of Elyse while we're gone
  • 0~Elyse naps that I will try to prolong during the day
  • 10~bottles of frozen milk that I've sent with my mom to feed Elyse
  • 7~adorable outfits with matching bows that I packed for Elyse to wear
  • 500~times I'll kiss Elyse's precious face when I return on Saturday night
  • 55~hours that I'll not be the one responsible for our baby girl
  • 0~hopefully the number of tears shed as we leave for the airport
It's going to be a quick trip, but one that we've been waiting on and one that I'm super excited for!  We don't have any major plans for the quick getaway other than spending time together and shopping, shopping, shopping! 

See you soon baby girl, your momma & daddy will be back before you know it! 


Megan said...

Oh your going to have SO much fun, but you'll be SO ready to come home too. Enjoy yourselves!!

toi said...

look at that lovely eyes and smile, i am counting the minutes with you

lindsey said...

I know you'll miss your sweet girl, but try to enjoy yourselves! It sounds like a great trip!!!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Have SO much fun!! :) Your baby girl will love her time with grandma and grandpa!!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Hope you had fun! Im sure Elyse did great!

Tiffany Mendenhall said...

I hope y'all are having a BLAST! And happy, happy 5 year anniversary. What a wonderful way to celebrate. I know E is having a ball. XO

Mrs. Pancakes said...

It's awesome you are taking time
Yourselves...lil Elyse Sounds like she
Was in capable hands!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Sounds like
She did