Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Wood Anniversary Weekend

5 years...I still can't believe we just celebrated 5 years of marriage!  Time has flown by and I can only imagine how much faster it will pass having one and hopefully someday more kiddos in the picture!

Our weekend celebration started out on Friday at work when these were delivered to the office! 
Mmm...ginormous chocolate covered strawberries!
Nick actually took the afternoon off from work to run a few errands and then we spent the evening at home with our baby girl!  We had a casual dinner of hotdogs &tator tots and then took a walk around our neighborhood. 
Elyse posing in her adorable Naartjie Baby this brand of clothing! 
Saturday morning Nick volunteered to work so I could stay at home and play with Elyse.  I couldn't hardly stand it because we decided to wait and exchange our gifts after Nick got home at lunchtime.  The traditional theme for 5 year anniversary gifts was wood & while we haven't kept up with this tradition in the past I think we might have to start!  It was fun to have a theme and I think we both did really well with our gift choices! 

Hubby actually constructed me a flower box.  He's never been super handy but it turned out so neat & I was so incredibly touched by his efforts!  He spent a lot of time working in the garage trying to hide this from me!  The flower box is meant to hang vertically from an outside wall; however, due to the weight I think we might just lean it up against our front wall outside near the entryway.  We haven't yet decided, but I just love all the color it brings to our front porch!  
My beautiful wooden flower box!  Love it! 
I decided to cater to Nick's love of everything St. Louis Cardinals &I ordered him a commemorative bat from the 2011 World Series.  It has the Cardinals logo, World Series logo, and series score all engraved on the bat.  He absolutely LOVED score for me! 
Hubby's Bat
We spent the afternoon just lounging around the house & we both ended up taking a quick nap.  My parents had babysitting duty with Elyse &we headed out to dinner at Cantina Laredo on the Branson Landing.  We absolutely LOVE this restaurant and had such a great time just reminiscing over the last 5 years and where we think the next 5 years might take us! Our reservations were outside on the patio where we had a great view of the lake & the fountain show (even though the fountains seemed to be malfunctioning as the BIG show never went off!)  Boo!
Happy Anniversary Hubby!
All ready for date night out with Papa & Gigi!
Sunday was CRAZY!!!!  We had regular service at 9:30, nursery duty for the second service @ 11:00, Hubby had a meeting at church @ 4:00, and then we had small group @ 5:30. was crazy.  We also all brought snacks for small groups so I whipped up 2 new recipes from Pinterest.  Both were a big hit and will go in my list of perfect recipes for group functions!
Trix Krispies via Tasty Kitchen

Spicy Chicken Tortilla Rolls via

Before we headed out for small group, I had a little photo session with Elyse...she's growing so fast that some of my favorite outfits are almost too small before I ever get a fabulous photo!  Poor girl, we're going to have thousands of pictures of her before she's even 1! 
Standing up in her crib...propped up against the front railing of course!

Seriously, how big does she look in this picture!  I can't hardly stand it! 


Amanda said...

happy anniversary!!!! just thinking about cantina laredo makes me drool! glad you guys had a good weekend!

lindsey said...

Happy Anniversary! Lauren, you look great! :) And those Trix Krispies look delicious...yum!

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary Lauren!! (I keep trying to comment on your posts but the comment words are always jumbled and I can't ever guess them!!)

toi said...

such awesome eyes :)

Joelle said...

she is soo cute! You look great too!! happy anniversary!