Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend 2012

Our Father's Day weekend was pretty much like every other weekend has been this summer...priceless.  After work on Friday evening, our precious family of 3 headed out for dinner to Houlihan's & followed it up with some Pineapple Whip.  For those of you not from SW Missouri I'm not really sure how to describe Pineapple Whip to you other than yummy, refreshing, goodness.  They had a strawberry kiwi version at the stand we went to & it was so delicious! 

Elyse entertained everyone at Houlihan's & is getting so good at sitting in the highchair like a big girl! 
She also had her first "food" & attempts at a sippy cup this week...but more on that in another post! 
Saturday Hubby & my dad were playing in a golf tournament for the local Lions' Club that they are both members of.  Elyse & I spent the morning & early afternoon hanging out which included a trip to Walmart, making a couple of batches of homemade baby food, & even a quick afternoon nap for both of us.  Hubby took over with Elyse duty once he got home & I think they might have played just a little bit too hard (see below)!  We headed to a local pizza place for dinner and then called it a night fairly early! 
Passed out on daddy's lap...cracks me up that she can sleep so soundly like this! 
Sunday was of course Father's Day & we started the day off with Elyse's gift to her daddy.  We got him a customized putter, "My First Ping Putter" to be exact.  It is exactly 19.5" long (which is how long Elyse was when she was born) and includes all of Elyse's birth specifics engraved on the face of the putter in pink.  It also included a little Ping onesie & hat set that is just too cute for our hopefully "future" golfer.  I think Nick was more than excited about his gift!  Unfortunately I failed to get a very good photo of Elyse & her daddy with their new golf club!
Elyse & her daddy
After church we met up with my parents' & my mom's parents for some BBQ.  Elyse entertained us all as well & then we headed back to my mom & dad's for naptime for Elyse & some pooltime for mommy & daddy!
Elyse loves her daddy!
Elyse joined us at the pool after her nap & had a blast with some of her new pool toys.  She was kind of in a funny mood, being a little more serious than normal, but she still had a ton of fun playing in the water!
Our little water diva!

Love this photo of my water baby!
After pool time & pizza for dinner, Aunt Millie & Uncle Nick worked with Elyse on her crawling skills.  She's not there yet, but will be so soon!
Attempting to get Romo the white dog! 
All in all it was a pretty fantastic Father's Day & I hope Hubby enjoyed celebrating his first of many with his baby girl! 
Love my family!
And I have to include this picture just because it cracks me up...Elyse loves her Bogey, and I know that they'll be best friends once she's a little bit bigger & can play with him a little more...well, and maybe once he stays a little more calm around her! 
All loaded up & ready to go home!


Megan said...

It is completely insane that she can sleep like that!! She looks like she's close to crawling!! Too cute!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

It sounded and looked like a fun weekend! And such a cute gift!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh goodness! That photo of her in the pool is adorable! She's going to be a swimmer! :)