Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Rewind~Colds, Running of the Squirrels, & Pool Time

Since we were/are still dealing with The Family Cold of 2012, we had very few specific plans for the weekend...which sometimes is just what the dr. ordered!  Hubby & my dad went golfing on Friday afternoon so we ended up staying at my parents' house for a casual dinner.  Elyse also got some outdoor time before heading home for the evening. 
Elyse's 1st ride around Daddy's neck!  She looks so tiny!

After our walk a quick rinse off in the pool to get rid of the chiggers! 

Hubby & I both went to bed fairly early on Friday evening because we had a big morning on Saturday...Running of the Squirrels 5k!  The theme this year was "Respect the Squirrel" and the t-shirts are almost always worth the entry fee by themselves!  I pushed Elyse in the stroller & walked with my mom while Hubby ran quickly & then headed off to work. 
The best we could do for a family photo, we were running late & Elyse was too focused on all the runners at the starting line!
Styling after the race!
While Hubby headed off to work, I went & spent the rest of the morning with my mom so Elyse could take a good morning nap.  Hubby & I then spent the afternoon relaxing at home (which included a fabulous nap for me) before heading out for a simple dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. 
I think even Elyse was worn out after "strolling" in her first 5k!
Sunday morning we decided to attend church with my parents & then spent the afternoon at the pool.  Now some of you might think we're crazy for what happened next, but we are "water" people in my family.  We love the pool, we love the ocean...and the last thing we want is for Elyse to be at all scared of the water.  So...please don't think we're horrible parents for the pictures you're about to see.  Trust me when I say that Daddy had a tight-hold on Elyse the entire time and there were 3 other adults within about 5 feet of our darling baby girl. 
A quick blow in the face...
...and a quick dunk under the water!
A quick blow in the face...
...and a quick swim through the water. 
She did so well & didn't cry or sputter at all.  I realize we'll have to continually teach her how to react under the water, but for now this baby girl LOVES the water!
Playing with a squishy ball full of water!
Momma & her baby girl...she's so ready to crawl!
Entertained by the littlest things:  A wet papertowel!  Good thing they were Bounty and didn't disintegrate in her mouth!
Keeping cool with Momma while chewing on the pacifier!
I'm still fighting off my cold, so no Zumba for me tonight!  Bummer!  I really do miss it, which is such a good sign...I normally never miss working out!  Hopefully I'll be rid of this cold very soon...Elyse & her daddy are both basically completely over it, I'm just wanting to join them very soon!


Megan said...

Ok, she's too cute. So tell me about this blowing in the face and dipping in water...I know nothing...

Danavee said...

I love her smiles!!!! I can't believe she's so brave in the water!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

We do the blow on the face trick with my boys all the time :) Glad yall had such a relaxing weekend, but I hope you feel better soon!

Joelle said...

cute swimsuit!!

toi said...

i love her happy smile in the water. such a lovely weather. hope your cold is gone, Zumba seems a wonder workout :)

Bethany said...

Megan, the blow in the face makes them suck in so they aren't breathing in when you dunk them. :) It's exactly what they do in swim class at that age, so no one better say a word about you dunking her!!

Lindsey said...

Fun! You guys are the cutest family!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

It looks like she enjoyed the water! Feel better soon Lauren! You look great!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

I didn't think it was possible for her to get any more adorable! She is soooooo cute!!!
Looks like a super-fun weekend! :)