Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Rewind: A/C Required

It's hot in Southwest Missouri.  I realize it's hot a lot of places, so we're all suffering together.  Hot days with a 6 month old mean you either spend all your time completely submerged in the water, under some sort of shade...or you stay in the air conditioning.  This weekend we did the latter and spend almost all of our weekend enjoying the nice cool, humidity free environment that our home provides.

(And since I took basically NO pictures this weekend, enjoy a collection of Elyse sleeping...2 of which came from her high chair where she just passed out on us!) 

Friday night we did stay down at my parents' for dinner & then we all headed over for one of my cousin's birthday parties.  They were serving ice cream cake & homemade blackberry cobbler...we weren't about to miss that! 

Saturday I came to work & Nick stayed home with Elyse.  Kind of sad when you actually come to your workplace for a "day off"!  ha!  Elyse ended up spending the rest of the afternoon & evening with Papa & Gigi.  She had quite the fun time in the pool & having a date night with her Papa & Gigi. 

Baby girl needed a dunk in the bucket after a little "incident"!  Glad Papa & Gigi got to handle that one...ha!
While Elyse was with the babysitters, Nick & I went in search of our dream home.  It was time for our annual HBA Parade of Homes & we always love doing this together.  I'm not gonna lie, we were extremely disappointed in the offerings this year.  Normally we walk away from the tour saying:  "If we could move that exact house to anywhere we wanted, we'd take it!"  This year...not so much. 

After visiting 8 houses we headed out to dinner with our friends the Turner's.  We had dinner at a fairly new place in the area called Blu Sesame; another Asian Fusion restaurant that was incredibly cheap & absolutely delicious!  And then it was time to call our date-day to an end & head home to see our baby! 
Sunday was a day for the a/c for sure.  We headed to church and then came home to spend the rest of the day doing odds & ends around the house but mainly just relaxing.  Nick did venture out long enough to grill us hamburgers for dinner.  Hamburgers, homemade french fries, & an Oreo ice cream sundae for dessert...not sure I could have picked a better meal if we'd gone out to eat! 

The temps are supposed to be in the upper 90s to low 100s this week...so lots more indoor time for us!  It's way too early in the summer for it to be this hot...July & August could be unbearable! 


Danavee said...

Those sunglasses are too cute!

Bethany said...

I usually think she looks just like you, but in that 2nd sleeping picture I see Nick! Love that little girl! :)

Amanda Anderson said...

I agree with Bethany! I see a lot of Nick in Elyse now! She's so stinkin cute and I can't believe how BIG she's getting!

I'm totally jealous of your Oreo Sundae. AND (this is going to sound ridiculous as you're sweltering in it) but your HEAT! It's freezing and rainy here in England :( I can't wait to come home to so summer weather!! :) xoxo

Amanda said...

i love that first picture! that is a neat high chair. we haven't purchased one for eleanor yet. i can't decide what kind to get. we like blue sesame pretty well. did the dessert shop close that was next to it? the cupcake i got from there was gross!

Megan said...

We are indoors 24/7 these days, too!! I can't wait for fall!!!!

Sara said...

Hahaha! I love all the sleepy photos. So cute that she sleeps in her high chair. And that photo with the sunglasses is fantastic! Definitely a framer!

Jamie said...

She is too cute. Love the glasses and bows.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

the last picture of Elyse is pricelss....the food must have been sooooo good! this is how i feel most days after i eat now!!!