Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend Rewind--Lots of Fall Fun!

I'm so thankful that fall is in full swing now...the temps are perfect most everyday & I just love all the smells of fall. 
Friday evening we stayed home and just chilled.  I had made chili earlier in the week so we had Frito pie for dinner, spent some good quality time with Elyse & then settled in to watch the St. Louis Cardinals attempt to win their game vs. the Washington Nationals.  Yeah, if you're any sports fan at all you know that it was quite the finish as our beloved Cards came back from being down 6-1 to make it into the NLCS.  Hubby & I were both wound up after watching the game and had to just chill a bit before even attempting to go to sleep. 
Saturday morning Hubby had to work so I spent the morning hanging out with my girl.  He also had a long run for his 1/2 marathon training that he had to complete on Saturday afternoon so Elyse & I practically had the day to ourselves.  After her afternoon nap we loaded up to meet Mamaw & Pappy at a local corn maze.  They also had hayrides, bounce houses, pumpkin painting, some small animals for petting, & a trash can train!  Elyse was obviously a little small for most of the activities, but she enjoyed swinging and just spending time with her 2 cousins Hunter & Jackson.  These boys seriously LOVE her! 
Hanging out with Mamaw

Jackson trying to turn Elyse's head for a picture!
Jackson resorting to his "bousha bousha" (I have no idea what that means)...but he loves to rub Elyse's ears & say "bousha bousha"  It's hilarious!
Finally a smile!
Elyse is starting to wave, but sometimes she just sticks her hand out like this and cocks her head to the side with a big smile...it's pretty stinkin' adorable!
Elyse & Pappy
Mamaw, Pappy & 3 of their grandchildren! 
The best I could do for a family photo...Elyse was NOT interested in the camera, there was too much other stuff going on!
After all the fun fall activities, we headed to Ruby Tuesday for dinner & just had some more fun letting Elyse hang out with her cousins.  Saturday night was a stormy night, so after Elyse went down Hubby & I spent the evening watching football & keeping our eyes on the sky. 
Elyse got a new hat!  but obviously she was not interested in another photo shoot!
Sunday was a regular church day & we came home for lunch.  We spent the afternoon napping before Hubby headed off for a church meeting & then we met back up at Small Group. 
Loving this girl's jean jacket!
Saying hi to Bogey!  ha! 
It was a nice weekend with very few plans...which hardly ever happens!  It's another busy week, & I'm still fighting hard against my stupid head cold.  Hopefully it goes away very soon!


Melanie said...

Love her bibs and jean jacket!! She's at such a cute and fun age!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Looks like a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

I love her little overalls - so cute! We're doing the pumpkin patch/hayride thing this weekend - I can't wait!

I have a head cold too - yuck. Hope both of ours go away soon!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I lovd Elyse overalls...soo cute! Sounds like a fun weekend!