Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday!

I'm linking up again with everyone for 5 on Friday...which seems to be the only consistent way to get any sort of unscheduled blog post published during the week...

1.  Elyse is finally feeling better after a LONG week of sickness last week.  And I think she's still catching up on her sleep because she's taking some ridiculous long naps, resulting in her mean momma waking her up from them!  But not before I captured this pic of her little piggies trying to escape...correct me if I'm wrong, but those look like big girl feet!

2.  I whipped up a recipe yesterday afternoon from Pinterest that I've been wanting to try for a LONG time.  I didn't actually get to taste much more than a spoonful yesterday, but it's on the menu for lunch today with Elyse &my mom.  Avocado Chicken Salad...YUM!

3.  Elyse is at the stage where she's wanting to cuddle a little bit after her naps...especially if I wake her up from them.  Check out these post-nap bed head curls she had yesterday!  Her hair is getting so long!

4.  Thanks to a post on Instagram from someone...I seriously can't remember who...I ordered this pair of polka dot, distressed jeans from Target.  I struggled a bit with whether they were too teeny-bopperish for a 30 year old momma to pull off, but the consensus on Instagram and from Hubby & several friends was CUTE!  I paired them with a more "mature" top and a chunky necklace and I'm liking the look. 

5.  Tomorrow we are heading to STL for a quick overnight trip with Hubby's family.  A Cardinals game tomorrow night followed by a trip to Grant's Farm on Sunday morning.   Something tells me she's going to look a little different in the pictures this weekend compared to her first STL Cardinals game last year!
Head on over to April's blog and join up with the other fabulous ladies who participate in 5 on Friday! I mean seriously, everyone else is doing it!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

look at you lady in those pants...fab!! and her hair is sooo cute. and i am glad she is feeling better. happy weekend!

Hannah said...

Those pants look so good on you! I feel like I could never pull that look off. I love it though!

Laura Darling said...

Mmm that avocado chicken salad sounds delicious! And I love the little feet sticking out of the crib, so cute!

Nicole said...

ok. those bedhead curls are too much!!! and i'm not gonna lie, babies and long naps sure come in handy somedays. :)

happy tuesday friend!

Sara said...

I WANT THOSE JEANS!! Target? Really? Awesome. And I hope you guys had a great trip to STL. Please plan another one soon so we can finally meet up! Can't wait to see pictures of Elyse from the game. I just posted some of Mac today. Go Cardinals!

Mum TOI said...

I love the pants. E is so long, look at her feet out from her crib and her long curls, sweet little girl :)