Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family is Everything

Back on August 4th, my dad's immediate family gathered at my parents' house to celebrate a very special occasion...my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary (which was actually on August 5).
Since even our immediate family is growing quite large, we kept the guest list to a minimum with just my grandparents & their childrens' families.  Even with limiting the guest list, that still meant a gathering of 24 people!  We don't all get together very often, because as the grandkids have gotten married, holidays are often rotated, kids are sick, or things just happen to keep us all from being together.  So this was definitely a special treat. 
My dad grilled steaks and we had a simple, but traditional lunch meal followed by lots of family pictures & then the cutting of the cake...which was similar to the cake that they had on their wedding day 60 years ago!  My mom also did a great job of decorating in all white flowers, to pay tribute to my grandma's flowers in her bouquet .  And being in charge of snacks, I chose some of the traditional snacks from our childhood, spending summer afternoons swimming in my grandparents' pool and just gathering together as family--sesame breadsticks, frozen Snicker's bars, and my grandma's sugar cookies. 


I can't ever say enough how blessed I am to have not one, but both sets of my grandparents still with us, living nearby, and able to impart their wisdom onto my family as we can only strive to celebrate as many years together as they have.  60 years doesn't happen very often, and we were all so incredibly thankful to celebrate with them! 


Joelle said...

so sweet. adorable dress!

Stesha said...

60 years?! Wow I am so happy for them, I hope one day I get to have that as well!


Meg {henninglove} said...

that is so awesome you were able to celebrate your grandparents 60th anniversary congrats to them! a nice simple celebration is a good idea and having them cut a cake

Mrs. Pancakes said...

seriously Lauren...this makes me grin from year to year. this is what life is all about...these kinds of memories. congrats to you grandparents again!