Tuesday, August 6, 2013

60 years & going strong...

Yesterday, my dad's parents aka the "Woods" Grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage.  On Sunday we all gathered at my parents' house to celebrate such an amazing milestone.  We kept it to just a simple family gathering, because we had held a big shin-dig for their 50 year celebration.  However, with 6 great grandchildren under the age of 7, even a simple family gathering is kept pretty lively. 
The announcement put in the paper--I actually snapped this photo out in front of their home!
24 out of the 25 of us were in attendance--we were only missing my cousin Kevin's wife Ashley...and between all of us we realized that thanks to my grandparents' 60 years of marriage, there was over 200 years of marriage represented in our small group.    A pretty amazing representation from 9 separate couples! 
The wedding frame that hangs on the wall in their home--my grandma's parents, my grandpa's parents & my own grandparents all on their wedding day. 
Our family has been so incredibly blessed by God and we have thankfully not had to deal with a lot of the hardships that many families deal with today.  Having such incredible role models has given us all hope & faith that even in the hardest of times, we can each make it through anything...as long as we stick together.  Sure we have had times when God has thrown some twists and turns into what we thought was going to be a perfect plan for our lives...but we have made the best of all that God has given us. 

Nick & I only hope and pray that we able to provide for our grandchildren like my grandparents have provided for us...they have given us a legacy that will last for hopefully many generations to come. 

I didn't really take many photos on Sunday, we hired a family friend to come take family photos and also to snap some candid shots so I'll share those once I get the disc.  However, here's a few that I grabbed in between chasing around Elyse and just having a blast with all my family! 
The cake table...as close as we could get to the original table 60+ years ago!
The kids table...our first family gathering that needed a kids table in many, many years!  Such a fun thing to see the kids table back in action!
The best picture we could get with the happy couple and all their great grandkids...they truly do look happy here--my grandparents, not necessarily the kiddos!  Elyse looks like a deer frozen in headlights because my mom had just plopped her on the stool!
More pictures to come once I get the disc back from our photographer...and hopefully a summertime wrap up post later this week!  I do have good intentions of putting all the pictures from my phone &/or camera onto this blog one of these days!


Kate @ Daffodils said...

O 60 years, how amazing!!!

TOI said...

My, my, she gas grown so much since the last time I checked in. I love that sweet smile :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

happy 60th anniversary!