Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Friday!

It's been a pretty fantastic week in our house.  I'm loving the fact that we've finally gotten into a good routine after the holidays.  The only hiccup this week is that Elyse seems to be ALL OVER THE PLACE when it comes to her mood.  I'm really thinking that her two year molars have either appeared or are on their way...let's just hope they arrive soon! 
1.  I tried a new activity with Elyse on Wednesday morning and I was all excited thinking it would be great fun! entertained her for all of two minutes.  Ten if you count the time that she spent eating the Cheerios.  I think we'll try it again, but maybe I won't use her favorite snack of all time as part of the activity.  Maybe pony beads next time! 
What the activity was supposed to look like...

And what it truly did look like for most of the time! 
 2.  Now that Elyse is getting older I like to have a few decorations out for each holiday.  I found this adorable felt heart garland at Pier One a couple of weeks ago, and the cut-out hearts came from the $ Spot at Target.  Thankfully I had the red, pink, & white candles in a closet.  I'm enjoying the lovey mantle with the mirror. 

I also broke out this vase set that I like to change for the seasons.  This time around, a few Valentine's Day picks and conversation hearts! 
3.  On Tuesday evening after dinner Elyse decided it was time for a story.  On her stool.  In the kitchen.  With no pants.  I couldn't help but take a picture, but was practically floored as she spoke the appropriate words for each page.  Our little girl is a reader, no question about that! 

I also managed to get a fabulous family selfie before I headed off to Zumba...I am seriously BEYOND BLESSED!
 4.  We just recently started a new study at small group called Gods at War by Kyle Idelman.  If your group is looking for something I HIGHLY recommend this...and of course my Jesus Calling devotional for yesterday tied right in. 

5.  My birthday is on Tuesday & I'm going to be I'm dubbing this my official Birthday Weekend!  And seriously, I feel like 31 sounds so much older than 30!  Why is that?!? 
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Callie Nicole said...

It looks like a fun toddler activity - bummer that she got distracted! I feel like that always happens here too when I try to plan an activity for Wyatt..,