Sunday, July 26, 2009

Empty House

This morning Hubby & his dad left for a Father/Son Golf Tournament in Lake of the Ozarks. They won't be back until Tuesday night. While some couples experience lots of times when they are apart overnight due to work or other travels, we only spend about 7 nights apart during an entire year. Obviously, when those nights come they are less than enjoyable (especially for me). I don't really mind sleeping at our house all alone (ok, maybe that's a lie since I lock almost every single door in our house---even the door from our bedroom to the living room) since I have Bogey there to keep me company.

It's these times when I truly realize how much I love Hubby & how even the most annoying things about him are why I love him so much. I miss his pestering when I'm getting ready for work in the morning, I miss his silly rhyming songs about nothing, I miss watching him play around with Bogey, I miss talking about whatever sporting event was on that day (even if I could care less), & I certainly miss the quick kiss & hug I get every night when he comes home from work. He'll be back on Tuesday and already I can't wait. Maybe these times are good for us, because I do certainly believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Megan said...

Hah! I'm the same way. When my hubs is gone I miss all the little things he does that usually annoy me! I try to remember that when he is here annoying me! ;-)

Lindsey said...