Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last night Hubby & I joined my parents for a bit of pre-July 4th shopping...aka buying an obscene amount of explosive items used for entertainment. This has been a tradition for my family since I was a little girl. My brother & I would always load up with my parents & my cousins & head out for fireworks shopping. Dinner was always at a local Mexican restaurant, Mexican Villa, followed by traipsing around a huge fireworks tent filling our baskets with as much as we could fit. Each year we would come home with more & more to shoot off & we have always ended up with a huge production.

This year was no different--we did have some minor mishaps as they tent we normally go to has closed & the next tent we went to had priced their selection incredibly high. We finally ended up stopping at 2 good tents & supporting some great local causes by doing so. We ended up with a suburban full of fountains, sparklers, smoke bombs, artillery shells, 500 gram box fireworks, and much, much more!!!

Our office is closing on Friday so I've got a 3-day weekend & I couldn't be more thrilled! As you can tell, 4th of July is a big deal with our family & I can't wait for Saturday! Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to show!


Lyryn said...

Gotta love 4 day weeks! Have a great holiday!

Tara Gibson said...

i love the 4th! hope you had a fabulous holiday!