Friday, July 24, 2009

Long Awaited Mom Day...

Yesterday I took a vacation day & did nothing more than go shopping with my mom. This was a Mom Day (which I have discussed in previous posts). We shopped till we dropped & found some great deals on several things. Plus, my dad (aka my boss) recently gave all of us who work for him a bonus for meeting a certain level of production...$100 to buy new shoes! I was super excited! Courtesy of the gift card, I got 2 pairs of shoes for only $30 out of pocket for me! Woohoo!! The only bummer is that they were out of my size so I had to order them...but they'll be here by the end of next week. I picked out one practical pair & one not at all practical pair.

Not so practical pair--Navy Blue peep me they are way cuter & way sexier in person!

Nurture, brown flip flops--these will be very versatile & I can wear them for work or play!

I also found some really cute shirts yesterday that were 50% off & then another 30% off. Talk about a bargain!
Yesterday was also test day for Hubby--he took the Regulation section of the CPA exam. I am only praying that things went well. I know God has a plan for our life & we are just praying His will be done--even if that doesn't match up with our human wants & desires. Too bad we have to wait 5-6 weeks for the results.
Today I'm back at work & I also have to work tomorrow morning--however, we have a fun weekend in store as Hubby's dad is in town to play in a Father/Son Golf Tournament Sunday-Tuesday. We've got a family BBQ on tap for tomorrow night & Sunday I'm headed down to my parents' house with Bogey to enjoy the pool! Happy Weekend!

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