Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Rewind

We had one of those crazy weekends, with lots of stuff going on. Friday night we had dinner with Hubby's mom (who is in from Michigan) & then spent the evening with his sister & our adorable nephews. Saturday Hubby played golf & then we headed down to my parents' house to have an afternoon of pool time with our Small Group. We had a great time & all of the kids really enjoyed themselves. We finished off the evening with a BBQ & homemade ice cream.
Apparently most of the kids didn't even make it 5 minutes in the car before they crashed from exhaustion! Here are a few photos from the afternoon!
Sunday I went solo to church while Hubby played in the second round of his golf tournament. He got home mid-afternoon & then we did some yardwork. We sprung for pizza carry-out for dinner & watched the Cards vs. Cubs game. CARDS WIN!! It was definitely one of those weekends where I felt like Hubby & I didn't see each other at all, but it happens. I know that next weekend, will be much better as we've already got plans to do fun things!

I am also happy to report that even after a 4 day break (due to crazy schedules & a horrific level of pain) Hubby & I started back up on the Shred last night. I actually felt really good throughout the entire workout...I think if anything my endurance level is certainly on the rise.


Mrs. Realife said...

How fun! I love the redheads!!! :)

Lyryn said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!