Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Rewind

Hubby's dad came into town on Thursday night so much of this weekend was devoted to spending time with him & the rest of Hubby's family. Friday we just had a casual dinner out & then enjoyed ice cream from Dairy Queen. Saturday morning I had to work & the boys (Hubby, his dad, Hubby's brother in law, & one of Hubby's good friends) headed out for a round of golf. They got home mid-afternoon & we spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy. I made chocolate chip cookies for their Father/Son Tournament excursion & then started prepping dinner. We had the rest of the fam over for a BBQ on Saturday night & I got to enjoy some sweet time with our adorable nephews. We took Hunter for his first ever putt-putt experience & he was actually quite good & very patient. I was super impressed.

Yesterday Hubby & his dad left mid-morning & headed straight down to my parents' house for the afternoon with Bogey. We had a great time & I definitely got a little too much sun. However, it looks like it will all turn to tan instead of burn. After a long afternoon I dropped Bogey off at home & then my parents & I headed to watch Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. It was good, but I definitely think I need to go back and read the book to fill in some gaps that I think are missing.

Like I said in my last post, Hubby is gone until tomorrow night so tonight I will try to occupy my time as best I can . Maybe I'll enjoy the peace & quiet with just me, Bogey, & good movie!


Hailey HRH said...

i love baking for matt! i just end up eating too much of it! haha!

Lyryn said...

I love putt-putt!! Where are the pictures for this weekend?!! I always look forward to seeing your weekend rewind pictures!!! Oh well, thanks for the comment on my blog and I love reading your blog too!!!

That Fresh Feeling said...

Quiet time sounds great for an evening....hope you enjoy it and are able to relax. Have a great day!