Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holiday Weekend Rewind!

I have decided that I absolutely love having Friday's off from work!!! Hubby & I both got lucky & didn't have to work on Friday so we had a fabulous 3-day Weekend. Friday we slept in (for us) & then got up and headed to a really fun 9-hole, par 3 golf course. We had a great time and I actually played really well. I played my first shot the entire round & I shot 43, which is very very good for me! I love golfing with Hubby & he's actually a very good teacher. Friday afternoon we came home & did some work around our house (lawn care, cleaning, etc.). My parents have season tickets to the Springfield Cardinals so we headed out with them for a beautiful night at the ball park. Oh how I love ball park food...corn dogs, peanuts, cotton can't much better than that!!! We had a great time & they had a wonderful fireworks show after the game. On the way home we also couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop at 2 more fireworks stands--we definitely had plenty of stuff to blow up!

On Saturday morning Hubby & I were less than motivated to do much of anything so we laid around the house & did venture out to Walmart & Lowe's. We finally got ready & headed down to my parents' house for the day. Bogey was excited as always to be able to run free on my parents' land. We helped set up & get everything ready for the big party. We also spent some nice time in the pool cooling off before everyone arrived. I think my parents ended up having about 20 people show up for the festivities. What a blast! (pun intended)

Lydia practicing being a supermodel!!

Lydia playing patty-cake with her mom!

My dad, Hubby, & cousin Lathan taking the loot down to the launch site

Dawson was super-excited with his parachutes

The viewing gallery for the big show

When you have so much stuff, it's very important to be organized! ;o)

There wasn't much wind, so the smoke hung around for awhile

I also spent a little bit of time trying to get some good shots of the fireworks--I was actually pretty happy with how they came out.

Sunday after church, Hubby & I had a nice lunch date. We grabbed a quick lunch at Panera & then caught a matinee showing of The Proposal. This movie was fantastic--I laughed super hard several times & Hubby enjoyed it as well. We came home & I enjoyed a nice little nap before the work week gets started back up again! Oh how I love long weekends!


Lindsey said...

Aww fun pictures! What a great weekend!

Hailey HRH said...

sounds like a great weekend! i wanted to see the proposal - glad to hear good reviews!

Mrs. Realife said...

Sounds like you all had a GREAT weekend! Lots of resting and catching up on house stuff...

I want to see The Proposal! I keep hearing how great it is!