Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bathroom Cleaning...

Last night I tackled the one task in my life that I loathe almost more than anything---cleaning a bathroom. There are many other tasks & duties in life that I dislike, but I think I truly loathe, i.e. hate, cleaning bathrooms. The worst part about it is that I never feel like I get it clean. I hate cleaning our Jacuzzi tub from dust & hair even when it never gets used; I hate cleaning the mirror & having streaks left every time so I have to actually clean it 2-3 more times; I hate our glass shower doors that seem to always have a film no matter what (I will never have shower doors again!) & I hate all the hair that seems to gather in those corners & attracts substances that I would never even guess would be found in a bathroom.

When Hubby got home from work last night I was already being a baby about it & almost had a hissy fit in regards to cleaning the bathroom. It was so bad that Hubby even suggested looking for a cheap housecleaner so he wouldn't have to listen to my griping. I did NOT take him up on that deal. Hubby didn't deserve to be treated badly because his wife was a whiner & seriously, why did I let cleaning a bathroom consume my thoughts & emotions for...I don't know...let's say 10-15 minutes.

The bathroom is now clean (for now) & I do feel better about it...at least we're not really dirty people so it doesn't have to be done too frequently.

By the way...I did apologize to Hubby for being such a baby...but I still hate cleaning the bathroom.


Megan said...

I hate cleaning the bathroom also. And we just have a tiny apartment bathroom! I can't imgaine what it will be like when we have a 'normal' sized bathroom

Lindsey said...

I'm that exact same way with making dinner, ha!

Lyryn said...

The tub... is the WORST!!! Ours is terrible! NEVER CLEAN!

Also, thanks for the comment! I too, believe that God will help us come out of this thriving and loving one another even more. God is so amazing and I’m glad that God is getting glory for this. Again… thanks for the comment!