Friday, August 7, 2009

Show Us Your Life--Reception & Honeymoon

This week at Kelly's Korner the theme is Wedding Reception & Honeymoon. I was lucky enough to be able to have our wedding reception at my parents' house (also the house I lived in my entire life). We set up a huge white tent & the weather could not have been more perfect.

Arriving at the reception in our Vintage Rolls Royce (it was a surprise from my parents!)

Making our way into the tent!

Hubby's cake--a golf cart of course!

My cake

Our favors...Personalized golf tees & mints

A good view of the inside of our tent!

The bouquet toss...notice my face, I was scare of hitting the top of the tent!

Preparing for the garter toss--I absolutely loved how our head table ended up looking!

Little back brother & my Hubby went to the same small Baptist university and also had the same major so they had several mutual became a joke to make up personalized words to a popular song at the time. We got a version of The Angry American, by Toby Keith that was personalized to the experiences of our was a riot!

Honeymoon: We left the next morning on a flight at 6:30 am to go to St. Lucia. It was absolutely breathtaking and we would go back in a heartbeat (if we had the funds!) One story I might add is that we walk into our room on the first night to find 2 twin beds...our bellhop looks at us and says in his Island accent..."I guess this probably isn't going to work", since we're on our honeymoon. At that point we had been traveling for a little over 12 hours and didn't care about anything but sleeping. The next morning we went to the front desk & asked if we could be moved...never in our dreams did we expect to be moved to a villa with a view like this! It was beautiful & the rest of the trip went off without a hitch!

At one of of the beautiful beaches
In front of the Pitons (Gros & Petit aka Big & Small)...these are St. Lucia's claim to fame and they are pretty spectacular!
In front of one of the many waterfalls

Candlelight dinner on the balcony of our villa...all for us!
I can honestly say that from the start of the wedding day to the end of the honeymoon we had nothing drastically go wrong. We had such an amazing time & I will certainly cherish the memories we made as a couple for the rest of my life!


Ginger said...

what a pretty wedding. I love your cakes but that's the cake decorator in me talking.

Lyryn said...

Your wedding looks absolutely beautiful! And your honeymoon location looks just heavenly! Very cool!

laura marie said...

love the reception!

Lift Like A Mom said...

Such great pictures! Your wedding looked like it was beautiful. Also really like the honeymoon pics :) How fun

~M~ said...

Great car!!!

Unknown said...

My husband would have loved this car!
Great photos ~ looks like everyone had a terrific time dancing, eating and enjoying the event.
Your cakes was gorgeous and were the flowers.
Your honeymoon looks like fun too.