Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Rewind

Hubby played in a golf tournament this weekend benefiting the golf team at his alma mater. He didn't tee off until 1:30 both days so this meant I got to spend most all of Saturday & Sunday at home doing whatever I wanted. I was very productive this weekend doing lots of things around the house that I had either been putting off or hadn't had time to accomplish.

Friday night Hubby & I actually just hung out around the house. He grilled filet mignon (Mmmm...our favorited) for dinner & then we made a quick trip to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. (Side note: the 30 Day shred took a brief hiatus this week due to Hubby being out of town early in the week...needless to say our so-called "watching what we eat" went out the window with the Shred.) We also watched Slumdog Millionaire...good movie, but not really what I expected. I'm not sure what I was expecting...just not that. Oh and if you're keeping count, that is movie #1 for me this weekend.
Saturday we had no plans for the morning so we had the wonderful pleasure of not setting an alarm. I woke up, glanced at the clock & it was 9:30! 9:30...we never sleep in past 8:30 and that's normally only on Sunday mornings. It was definitely quite nice! We did a few things around the house & then Hubby left for the first round of his golf tournament. The golf course is an hour away, because of the tournament it was going to be a 5 hour round, & then an hour drive home meant that I had time from 12:00 noon to about 7:30 to myself. Here's where my lady of the house duties began. First, I tackled the lovely chore of cleaning out the cabinet underneath my bathroom sink. I managed to throw away about 1/2 a trashbag full of old makeup, half-used bottles of lotion that I'll never use again, a self-pedicure set that I received as a gift about 3 years ago, freebie makeup from those gift sets at Clinique & Estee Lauder...I'm sure by now you get the idea. My goal in doing this was to create room in this cabinet to put all of the products I use each day instead of them cluttering up & dirtying my countertop. Next task...Walmart. I took my weekly trip for groceries & snagged up some cute little baskets to put all of my bathroom stuff in!

Next, I did something I knew Hubby would be very excited about. I baked an apple pie from scratch, including the pie crust. I actually love to bake apple pies but they take a while so this was the perfect opportunity! We had apple pie a la mode when Hubby got home and it was soooo yummy!!!
Gala apples...all ready to be made into a pie!


Hot & ready out of the oven with sprinkle of sugar on top!

The rest of yesterday afternoon included some laundry, movie #2 Confessions of a Shopaholic (it was certainly entertaining but I'm glad I didn't spend money on it at a theater), some dishes, and movie #3 27 Dresses (on TV while I waited on Hubby). Hubby brought home Pizza Hut pizza for dinner & we just relaxed the rest of the evening.

Today Hubby & I went to church together & then we went our separate ways. He headed back to the golf course & I grabbed a quick lunch in the car & headed to Michaels. Remember how I wanted all my bathroom stuff off the countertop...well now I had room & a reason to put something pretty there. I grabbed up a few new candles & a tray from Michaels and...VOILA!!! A nice little accent piece for the bathroom counter!
It looks so much nicer & not so cluttered!

The rest of my afternoon has included baking lasagna (for a quick dinner one night this week), more laundry, cleaning off the back patio of Bogey prints, refilling Bogey's pool, movie #4 Bride Wars, and vacuuming the house Whew....what a weekend!

My wonderful companion for the weekend!


~M~ said...

Yum! I think pie is one of my most favorite things!!

Lyryn said...

Ha! You did pictures this week!!! Love them! That apple pie looks amazing! I also like that candle set in the bathroom!

Hailey HRH said...

oh that pie looks amazing! i have never tried to make one on my own - but i just may have to after seeing that! lots of good girlie movies this weekend! how fun.