Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Ramblings

Not much going on in the Layman household this week, just a bunch of random happenings.

1. Last night I babysat for some friends of ours. I kept their little girl for about 2 hours. She's 2 and is absolutely adorable. We had lots of fun & she was definitely glad to see me. I can honestly say that might be the first time that I've ever babysat someone who I wasn't related you can tell babysitting was not on my list of odd jobs in high school or college. We painted, played with her American dolls, played on the swingset, watched Veggie Tales, read books, etc., etc., etc. all in the matter of 2 hours. Oh how innocent little minds can be!

2. Tonight is the launch date for the new fall season of small groups at our church! YEAH!!! We are starting as one big church group for 3 weeks of a quick study on prayer and then in a few weeks we are breaking out into our individual groups. Hubby & I are super excited to get started again...our small group is such a blessing to us. We are discussing doing a women's study only and a men's study only for the first few weeks. I would love this!

3. Work has been incredibly slow this week--nice in some ways, but not so much in others. I much prefer a crazy week/day where the time just flies by...otherwise I'm tempted to spend way too much time in the Blog World. However, I have got caught up on several tasks which is always a nice feeling!

4. This is the dress I bought for my cousin's wedding. The wedding is at 4 in the afternoon but is rumored to be quite formal. I thought this fit the bill just perfectly with my new navy peep toes & some fun jewelry (which has yet to be purchased). It has pockets & while it's not very flattering if I put my hands in them--they are certainly nice to have if I choose to want them! The dress is BCBG and I bought it at Dillard's over the weekend...I just love their clothes too bad I can't afford them most of the time (unless they're on sale!)Hubby is wearing a navy suit with one of his new awesome shirt/tie combos so we will look super sharp together!

5. We have ZERO plans for the weekend...I mean ZERO....who knows what we'll end up getting into! I love spontaneous weekends!


sarah said...

Weekends with nothing planned usually end up being the most fun!

I just found your blog...can't wait to catch up on it!

Mrs. A said...

I love your dress choice!!

That Fresh Feeling said...

zero plans for the weekend sounds AMAZING! i hope you enjoy every second of it....i am sure they are rare and few if it is like our house!

loving the color of the dress:-)