Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Rewind

This weekend Hubby & I had a wonderful weekend with the right mix of relaxation, time as a couple, & time with family. Friday night we used our coupon at Ruby Tuesday for BOGO free entree'..gotta love those coupons. We took Bogey on a long walk around our subdivision and just enjoyed a nice relaxing night at home.

Saturday we were actually both home and we had no plans. Hubby mowed the yard (it now looks like a golf course again!) and I made my weekly trip to the grocery store, cleaned the kitchen, & worked on laundry. We spent the afternoon doing absolutely nothing!!! I took a nap while Hubby watched the PGA Championship golf tourney on television--this almost always results in at least one or both of us sleeping! We decided we were tired of being inside so we made ourselves beautiful & headed out for an impromptu date night...a 4:30 showing of The Time Traveler's Wife & dinner at the Pizza House. It was such a great time! I enjoyed the movie (haven't read the book but will probably have to now) and the Pizza House has great food. It's just a local pizza joint that has been in business for about 50 years & they cut their pizza into bite size yummy, but bad since you have no idea how much you eat!

We got home fairly early but had time to take Bogey on his nightly walk. We try to take him a walk every night so he gets plenty of exercise (plus his owners' need the exercise as well!) A normal nightly walk is normally 2 1/2 rounds around our subdivision which is about 1.5 miles--lately we've been trying to take him 3 full rounds since it's been cooler at night so that is getting is to 1.8 miles each night. We walk at a pretty brisk pace & Bogey keeps the pace very well by pulling us along so it's a fairly good workout!

This morning we went to church and heard a great message about being ready for Christ's second coming--our pastor even used a couple of clips from Runaway Bride--trust me, it tied in very well! We grabbed a quick lunch at Qdoba.......YUMM!!! and now I'm at home sitting in a chair trying to keep myself from taking a nap for the second day in a row (in other words, Hubby is watchign golf again)!
Tonight we're headed to Branson for dinner at Cantina Laredo with my parents & my brother & his wife. My little brother recently found out that he was accepted into law school at UMKC in Kansas City, MO. Orientation starts on Thursday so this is kind of a going away dinner for both of them. It will certainly be an adjustment as my brother & I both never lived more than an hour from home all through college and even now I'm only 15 min. away and he's 30 min. away. I guess the big bonus of him being in KC is a free place to crash if I need a fix at the Country Club Plaza! I'm so super proud of my brother & all that he's accomplished and I'm sure this experience will be no different. Good luck Nick & Millie...I'll miss you both and I'll certainly be praying for you guys!
(Sorry no pictures this weekend--I didn't have much that was actually picture worthy--but it was definitely an amazing weekend!!)


Lindsey said...

What a fab weekend!!

Megan said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love impromptu date nights!