Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Rewind!

Whew! What a fabulously, busy weekend! Friday night we stayed at home so Hubby could mow the yard & we enjoyed the beautiful weather outside! I actually cooked dinner for us at home all 5 nights last week! I was very proud of us as we normally always have something going on to cause us to grab something out or by Friday I'm sick and tired of cooking so I'm begging to go out! But not last week!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and met our friends' to head to STL. We grabbed a quick lunch at Panera Bread (which is still called St. Louis Bread Company in the city) and then the boys dropped us off at the Fox Theater for the 2:00 production of Mary Poppins. The show was phenomenal! The actress who played Mary Poppins had an incredible vocal range & the show was just so fun! I would have to say that Wicked is still my favorite but simply because it is much more dramatic and the musical numbers are more powerful than they are in Mary Poppins. It was still definitely worth seeing & I would highly recommend it!

While we were at the show, the boys headed to Busch Stadium for a stadium tour. Hubby thoroughly enjoyed himself and learned a lot of history about his favorite team! He was much better at taking pictures than I was!

The St. Louis Cardinals dugout!

View from on the field, right behind homeplate--Hubby was in Cardinals Heaven!

On Sunday we went to church and then headed to the lake with some friends from church. We had a great time & the weather was absolutely beautiful. We practically had the lake to ourselves! Dana & I spent our time in the boat but the boys enjoyed some tubing and I even managed to get quite a bit of sun. Here's the blue sky & sunshine we got to experience all afternoon!

In one other bit of exciting news, we got a new piece of furniture on Friday! Hubby's dad works for a furniture company so we have a good connection. We ordered it as an accent piece and to have another chair when we have lots of company! I absolutely love it! I still have some work to do to make it all tie in with the room decor but that will have to wait a bit!

Our beautiful, comfy new chair!

Here's how it looks with the room--excuse the lighting as I was in a hurry this morning!

I have plans to at least change the area rug since the patterns definitely clash...everything else should still work with just a few minor adjustments!
This week is another fairly normal week--we've got some personal office drama going on so that always tends to make things a lot more stressful. Of course in some situations all you can do is pray that God's will be done.

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Lyr said...

I swear, you do the coolest freaking things! BTW - I left you something special on my blog!! ;)