Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bed for Bogey

I'm a softy. Yes, it's true---and most of all I'm a huge pushover when it comes to my precious, loveable Bogey. For some reason when it comes to my furry son, I manage to push all the previous destruction to the back of my mind...for the good of Bogey.

It's starting to get a little chilly during the nights now, which also means it's time for Bogey to have a new bed. Bogey is an outdoor dog, only coming in for short visits during the winter months. He really seems to be happiest outside and there's no way he could ever be a house-dog...can we say fur?

Anyways, during the summer months we just lay some old towels down for him as that seems to be his preference for sleeping so he can stay cool. He also loves to just lay on the cold concrete which is crazy to me...but Bogey, whatever you want.

So last night we went to our local farm supply store to buy him the 1st bed of the season. This will be the 3rd fall season for us to have Bogey and he hasn't let us down yet. Every year from around November to March or April, waking up each morning and hoping not to find....

Yup, that's Bogey in the early spring of 2009...those are pieces of his bed all over the yard!
Every year I hope that he's outgrown the shredding of the bed, but he seems to be holding onto his puppy stage in that regard. We've tried almost EVERYTHING...except for spending $100s on a bed that is supposedly chew proof! Seriously, have they met my dog? It's not even worth it to experiment with something so expensive!
Last night we gave him his bed, and this morning it appeared he had left it alone for at least 12 hours; but when I went out to feed him before heading to work I noticed a bit of orange stuffing near one of the corners. Yup, he's done it again...a hole about the size of an orange on the underside of the bed. Guess we'll be fighting this fight again this year...any suggestions would be vrey welcome!
Another photo from Spring 2009~I took these through the window before he realize I was home from work. And I mean come on, how am I supposed to be mad at that face?


Jennifer said...

We have a similar looking camo bed for Hunter. We have to keep it in the house and monitor him to make sure he doesn't destroy it. Ours is a huge chewer too! (o:

Bogey is so cute sitting in his big tore up mess! Love it!

Ria Thurston said...

Oh that is sooo funny :) Hope you find a good one!

Heather said...

Haha! Our dog just won't sleep in his bed...we've tried everything! LOL

Bogey is adorable!!!

Lauren said...

Oh gosh! Silly Bogey. :) I am so glad I do not have to deal with this with Dixon! He only likes to chew flip flops. Does Bogey have a lot of toys?? I've found that giving them indestructible toys (like a Kong) really helps keep them busy!