Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Breckenridge Trip Recap 2010

I've finally had some time to get the photos uploaded from our ski-trip. That's the one negative about going skiing right before Christmas, everything is always so hectic and crazy when we get home!

We left last Wednesday evening with plans to drive about halfway, which would have meant us stopping for the night in Hays, KS about 11:00pm. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for us and about 1 1/2 hours into our trip we hit black-ice like I've never experienced before. Hubby was driving and did a great job, but man it was definitely a stressful situation for quite awhile. We finally pulled into our hotel in Hays about 1:30 and we were all thrilled to have a good night's sleep.

Thursday we slept in a bit, but then headed out to finish our trek across Kansas. We arrived in Breckenridge about 3:30, checked out our condo, and promptly realized we'd managed to lock the keys in our car. Thankfully we were in my dad's suburban and he has I quickly called them & after some confusion we were able to regain entry into the car. We finished up Thursday with a quick dinner at a local pizza joint & some grocery shopping for the rest of the trip.

Friday we woke up and were ready for the slopes as soon as the lifts were open! This was the view out our master bedroom window...absolutely stunning!
The boys & our condo...we had the entire right side! It was such a great location, we just had to walk across the road to the slopes and ski down to our lift! Way to go Hubby!
We spent all day skiing and finished up with a dinner of homemade chili & a game of dominos. It was perfect since we were all absolutely exhausted from a long day on the slopes!

Hubby & I heading up for a fun afternoon of skiing--the weather was gorgeous on Friday!

Me & Hubby

God's creation is so unbelieveable! The weather couldn't have been more perfect on Friday!

As you can see, they've had plenty of snow! Snow covered trees are so beautiful!

Saturday we all got up and headed out again...I was EXHAUSTED!!! and after getting frustrated with my skis, I just decided to stay in for the morning. I enjoyed lying on the couch watching a movie and then headed out to roam the streets for some shopping! Main Street in Breckenridge is so fun & I had a great time just relaxing and shopping on my own.

The weather was definitely a change on Saturday, with snowy conditions and clouds all day. I wasn't too sorry I had stayed in.

Saturday afternoon was a planned snowmobiling outing! It was such a blast, but definitely a little stressful. As we reached the summit, visibility was ridiculously low...we literally couldn't' hardly see 5 feet in front of us.

The whole group before heading out...

They had a photographer positioned in a few spots so we got some good action shots! Hubby definitely enjoyed himself!
I was definitely glad to have heated handlebars & a heated seat!
Hubby & I after the stressful trip to the summit--notice how you can't see ANYTHING behind us?!?
You might be wondering what this is...well, this is what I saw when trying to look around at the top of the mountain...nothing but white!
Nick waving to the camera!
I was a little scared at first, but once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed myself!
At the end of our tour we had hot chocolate and then headed back to home base. We were able to purchase all of our photos for the entire group and get one CD, plus a lot of scenery shots from the area. Glad we could get these since we couldn't see the view at all!
The contrast of the sharp peaks, blue sky, & pure white snow is just stunning!
Another shot of snow-covered trees...wish I could have seen this, instead of just a photo!
Unfortunately we never got to experience a mountain sunset, but this was a gorgeous shot!
We had a nice relaxing dinner after another stressful drive back to the condo. The snow was really coming down and the black ice was back...definitely not fun driving conditions. After dinner, it was definitely time for some relaxing in the hottub. There's just something so relaxing about sitting in a hottub with snow falling all around you!
Sunday we got up and headed back out to the slopes (after Nick & I both had our skis adjusted and loosened a bit). The snow was definitely still falling but the temps were really nice so I was able to stay really warm...almost too warm.
Hubby & I with my cousin and his girlfriend Lauren in front of the Dew Tour Snowboarding event.

Our hottub...and the gorgeous snow covered trees
Thankfully we all made it home with no injuries, of course that doesn't mean there weren't any falls! Sunday the slopes were covered in several inches of fresh powder, so a couple of us took some nice tumbles!

Kevin tried to get fancy and ended up buried in the powder...

and probably not 50' down the slope, my cousin Brian decided to make friends with a tree...

Nick had to help him out, thankfully I only fell one time and it certainly wasn't a wipeout fall--just an encounter with a little snow snake! ;o)

We finished off the trip with some shopping and dinner out at a little Italian restaurant. The mountains & mountain towns are gorgeous all the time, but when they're all decorated for Christmas it is just magical!
We headed out bright and early on Monday morning to avoid some traffic in the snowy roads...we finally made it home at about 9:00 pm. Whew...what a trip, but now it's time for Christmas!


Amanda said...

wow! what an amazing trip. your pictures are great! the condo looked awesome!!! glad you guys had a great time! merry christmas to you and your family! :)

Brittney Galloway said...

That sounds like an amazing time! I'm glad ya'll got some good family time in.

Megan said...

So, SO, jealous of you all. I'm am glad you had a good SAFE trip! Have a wonderful Christmas!