Sunday, December 5, 2010

A December Weekend Rewind

As the post-title indicates, it was a typical December weekend for us. It never fails that all of our weekends after Thanksgiving and before Christmas seem to fill up so incredibly fast and we end up moving from one obligation or event to another. This was definitely the first of a few crazy weekends!

Thankfully, Friday evening Hubby had plans for a nice date night in Branson. We headed to Branson Landing for a nice dinner, some shopping, & then we headed to some light displays. The first one, Branson's Festival of Lights was fabulous!

Welcome to Ozark Mountain Christmas!

The second light display at Sheperd of the Hills, was a little less than exciting. Let's just say it will be several years before we go back...if we ever do. It was expensive and just not nearly as neat as the other one!

Saturday was a busy but productive day as I headed out bright & early for a haircut & color. I'd planned it early so we'd have the rest of the day for whatever else needed to be done & I'm certainly glad I did. We had lunch with my parents & my mom's parents for my grandpa's birthday---and my brother actually surprised us by showing up from Kansas City. He and his wife were in town for another event & he made time to stop by. It's always so great to see him!

Saturday afternoon we did some more Christmas shopping...thankfully we're almost completely done! And after shopping we headed to Missouri State for a men's basketball game. One of the client's at Hubby's firm treated us all to seats in the all-inclusive section where all food & drink was taken care of by the client. Gotta love job perks!

Yesterday was probably the most important event of the weekend as our godson was baptized. Nick and I were so incredibly honored to be selected as Cohen Jay's godparents & it was a great experience to be so involved in his baptism.

Nick & I consider ourselves to be of the Baptist denomination and so this was our first experience with a Catholic baptism. I loved the tradition of it all & we were all included throughout the entire mass.

I was even given the baptismal candle to hold at the end, which was lit from the large Easter candle near the baptismal fount.

As godparents we were also a part of presenting the gifts for communion. I hope we didn't look too much like Southern Baptists up there! ;o)

Regardless of the denomination, I count it such an honor that Nick & I were selected to help raise Cohen Jay and to teach him to love Jesus and one of these days accept Him as his savior.

We finished off yesterday with some work around the house & small group last night. I can't believe how fast the weekend flew by...of course that always seems to be the case in December!

Christmas is in 18 days!

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I'm a new follower! You had a great weekend! I want some of those cookies form your swap bad!

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