Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010

I've got a little over an hour left in my work day, which also happens to be the end of my workweek. In fact, I'm really not expecting to post again in 2010. I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. Each year as January rolls around, summer, fall & winter activities seem SOOO far away and then before you know it, they've come and gone.

I feel like this year was all about just enjoying myself. There were certainly trials, some more difficult than others...but for the most part Hubby & I were able to just enjoy our time together and experience life. Hubby & I traveled all over..taking trips to Riviera Maya, Northern Michigan, and most recently Breckenridge, Colorado. Add in my girls' trip to Natchez, Hubby's golf trip to Chicago, a family trip to Dallas, and a few trips to St. Louis & Kansas City and we definitely had our share of road trips. We survived another tax season and Hubby survived a little scare caused by the sun. We had some incredible teaching series' at church, where we both learned so much about ourselves and realized how little we know about the incredible God we serve. We spent time with our families, time by ourselves, and time alone. We planted flowers and trees and bought new outdoor furniture for our deck. We examined our budget & I started couponing. We welcomed several new babies into our lives with several friends having new little ones, including our precious godson Cohen.

God blessed us with so many things. Nothing completely just absolutely extraordinary, but we're both healthy, have good jobs, have a truly great marriage--not perfect but wonderful, great families who love and support us unconditionally & an incredible small group/church family who have been walking through life with us. When I look back on it, I guess that is pretty extraordinary!

Only God knows what the year of 2011 will hold and as much as I'm a control-freak, I'm trying to be ok with that. I'm trying to be ok with knowing that no matter what happens He'll be there, with open arms, waiting to point me in the right direction and catch me when I fall.

Happy New Year...see you in 2011!

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Leah said...

Hello 2011 and Happy New Year!