Monday, December 13, 2010

Wintry Weekend

Well even though winter hasn't officially arrived, I think that most of the country would argue! We had a nice Friday evening, but on Saturday came plummeting temps & crazy high winds. Winter finally showed it's ugly face!

Thankfully, Friday evening was still really nice and we were able to enjoy a visit to Silver Dollar City with our good friends Tony & Dana! Tony is one of the pastor's at our church and we just love hanging out with them. We headed down after work and had a fabulous evening!

We asked a nice man to take our picture as gingerbread people!

Rejoice! I just love all the lights at Silver Dollar City, definitely incredible!

They have a good balance of religious Christmas symbols mixed in with the Santas & Snowmen...but all with Christ being the center!

The Light Parade...Santa at the beginning...

& Jesus at the end, the Reason for the Season!

Dana & I in front of the enormous singing Christmas tree!

It's absolutely stunning!

Hubby & I all bundled up...of course the cold that night was nothing like what was to come the next day!

Saturday morning I had to work and then came home to spend the afternoon in our warm house. The cold front came through about noon and it was totally obvious that the cole temps & wind were going to take over! However, it gave me a full afternoon to get the rest of the presents wrapped and also enjoy a little R & R.

Saturday evening was our office Christmas party at a local restaurant, Ocean Zen. We all ate way too much but had a wonderful time!
Hubby & I at home before heading out into the cold!

All the ladies, Coworker & cousin Kay, Grandma Smart (matriarch of the business), myself, Coworker Theresa, Coworker Delma, & my gorgeous mom!

Hubby & I at dinner

Mom & Dad
And the ladies of the office--I love that we all color-coordinated with no plans before hand
Yesterday we had plans pretty much all day with church in the morning, small group pushed up to 3:00 in the afternoon, & then our church Christmas party at 6:00. I was afraid it would be a crazy, crazy day but everything went well & Hubby & I had some time to relax between each activity. December is always crazy, so it's always nice to just have a few minutes to catch your breath.

Our Christmas party at church was really a time to bless & pray over the gifts our church brought for over 100 foster kids in our area. Those who could, adopted a child & brought a single gift for them...then last night we all gathered with our gifts to pray over them & the children they would be delivered to in a few days. It was so incredible see our church step up and do this again! Last year was our first year & a huge success as well!

Santa even came to entertain the kiddos!

Just about half of the gifts to be distributed!
The gifts are brought unwrapped so that they can be delivered to the foster parents & then wrapped in whatever wrapping paper they use for all the other gifts. Love this ministry & how it reaches out to those who need just a little pick-me-up at this time of year!
Whew...crazy, but fun Christmas-filled weekend! I can't believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!


Ria Thurston said...

LOVE all the photos! Super cutsie :-) What a fun time of year!!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like such a fun weekend. (o: I love the flurry of activity this time of year. Christmas is so fun!