Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy Winter Weekend

And so it continues...with the combination of cold temps, tax season, & being budget conscious Hubby & I had another fairly laid back, lazy weekend on our hands. I have to be a bit honest, as of today I was going slightly stir crazy and I'm thankful that next weekend we have some extra plans! Don't get me wrong, I'm always thankful for the uneventful weekends...but I also love to have fun things going on!

Friday night was a quick dinner out at Chic-fil-A...why is it that Chic-fil-A is fast food but you don't really consider it fast food? We also made a visit to every craft store in town...Hobby Lobby, JoAnnn's, & Micheal' I was on the hunt for some materials for a fun Valentine's Day craft. No such luck...guess I'm just gonna have to decide on something else! We came home and settled in for movie night with The Social Network. Definitely a great flick! It was definitely a little strange to watch a movie about Facebook when I can still remember the excitement at my university when Facebook was first released to our campus. Seriously, I never would have thought it would become what it is today.

Saturday was work for both of us in the morning & then a relaxing afternoon. I didn't have much to do so I laid down for what I planned to be a quick nap...well quick turned into 2 1/2 hours! Wow...I haven't napped that long in a very, very long time. Saturday night involved our only plans for the weekend. We had dinner with another couple, which happens to be one of our pastor's & his wife! I just love hanging out with them! We tried a fairly new place in Branson called the Bleu Olive and it will definitely be on the list for another visit. I can't think of anything bad about our meal. The night was topped off with a visit to Andy's for frozen custard...what could be better than that?!?

Today we had church, a lunch of leftovers at home and then a football filled afternoon. I did make a quick trip to Walmart for a new humidifier...this dry, cold air is about to kill me! And I also made my trip to Walgreens--I'm back on the Thrifty Tuesday routine so stay tuned! I did manage to be a little productive as I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet underneath my sink! Yikes! Definitely threw away a ton of fingernail polish, old hair products, & other random bathroom stuff! Now I've got plenty of room for all my coupon finds!

A pretty standard week ahead of us...nothing too blog-worthy at this point, but who knows what God will have in store for us!

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Lyr said...

I just love weekends like that. How come I don't ever feel like that. Oh yea, I had kids and my husband works retail so weekend aren't really weekends. HAHA! So glad it was peaceful for you!