Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Angels & a Snow Day for Bogey

So we may not have received as much snow as parts of the country, but we had about 3" of the fluffy white stuff fall fast enough to cover our roads & yards. And let's be honest, any time the snow starts to fall with a forecast of more than a dusting, you would think the world is going to end. Gas prices rise, people run to the grocery store to stock up on essentials, & those who now how to drive in the snow try to stay home in order to avoid all the crazies!

I went to my parents house over my lunch hour & just loved looking at the completely untouched snowfall! They are on vacation so the only thing that had disturbed the snow was their 3 outdoor dogs. It was beautiful!

I just loved how this pine tree collected the snow...such a beautiful sight!

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough snow to merit me staying home from work but it was quickly apparent that no one was thinking about insurance yesterday. Our office was DEAD and I headed home mid-afternoon after one of the other ladies said she could handle it for the rest of the day.

I had plans to at least shovel part of my driveway, but imagine my surprise when I pull up to find our driveway completely clear & dry. Our snow angel showed up yesterday. Not the kind that you make by laying down in the snow, but a real live angel. A retired couple who lives across the street always takes good care of us & apparently he decided he was bored yesterday. He got out his snow-blower and cleaned off our driveway, along with our neighbor's who live on either side of us. Seriously, how awesome is it to have great neighbors! I'm thinking a batch of cookies may need to be in their future very soon!

Instead of shoveling, I took advantage of the sunshine and fairly warm temps to play a bit with Bogey in the snow. He LOVES the snow! We played fetch with one of his toys & I tried to snap some good pictures.

Let me just tell you..It's a little hard to hold a camera, throw a toy, and avoid getting knocked over by an 85 lb dog! But what fun we had!

We was cracking me up...the snow was so fluffy, the toy would just bury in the snow...apparently he didn't mind to stick his face all the way down to retrieve his toy!

Check out those ears! He's ready for takeoff!

And then he got tired, and decided he'd cool off by laying down in the snow and having a little snow snack!

Love this guy...seriously, how could I not?!?

After playtime, I went over to say thanks to our neighbors & noticed the beautiful light where the sun was hitting the snow! Another one of God's stunning creations!

Our pine tree in front

An end to another wintry day!
We've got more snow in the forecast for Sunday! Ughhh... Springtime you could come anytime!


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

what beautiful pics! yay for getting to leave early from work and super yay for your neighbors being so nice to clean your driveway, that's awesome! hope y'all are staying warm :)

Kati said...

Love the snow pictures especially the pine tree one!

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

I just love it when they get their snouts cute! :) I just moved to CT from FL so my boys recently saw snow for the first time.