Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Oh how I love laid back weekends. We've done quite a bit in the past few days, but nothing too crazy and we've had plenty of time to ourselves to just chill in front of the tv.

Friday was extremely relaxing with pizza and a movie night, followed by an early night to bed. We watched Dinner for Schmucks, and I expected to hate it. However, Steve Carrell proved me wrong and it was actually quite hilarious. The only thing I didn't enjoy were the few times when I was watching and I just felt uncomfortable & almost embarrassed for the actors--but overall an entertaining movie.

Saturday brought a free morning for me while Nick was at the office. I considered it a very productive morning with laundry, a bit of cleaning, and grocery shopping all checked off my list. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Hubby watched football while I was curled up in the recliner reading and napping. Saturday evening was a nice date night in Branson. We had both been craving Cantina Laredo and I also had needed to make a return at Francesca's Collection; so we headed down to Branson Landing and had a nice meal....where we both left completely stuffed! We put in another movie from Redbox last night...Salt. This was actually the second time for us to see it, but it's really a great movie if you like action/conspiracy type movies.

Today was a busy day, with one thing after another. Nursery/Preschool duty at the early service, church, lunch with some friends at Houlihan's, and then an afternoon movie. We chose The Tourist for our flick this afternoon...another good Angelina Jolie film that was definitely entertaining. We came home and did some other things around the house before settling in to watch some college basketball.

Winter has definitely arrived! There's no snow on the ground, but this weekend definitely brought a change in temperatures that is more normal for this time of year. We've been having above average temps, and I think this next week is going to definitely bring us back down to normal! They've also got some snow in the forecast starting tomorrow and I'd honestly love a BIG snow, but I'm not holding my breath!

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Lyr said...

We are suppose to have a big snow fall tomorrow. I am NOT looking forward to it. Can we trade?! :)