Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Fest @ the Farm

With gorgeous weather this weekend and looking for a fun family activity, we decided to make a trip out to our beloved Farm Park (aka Elyse's version of Heaven) to check out their Fall Festival.  And let me just say...we will be going back.  Soon.  Elyse was in love at first pony sighting. 
This girl LOVES her some farm animals and as we parked and got out of the car, the first thing we all spotted were the pony rides.  With a fairly short line.  So off Momma went with Elyse to get in line and Daddy headed to get tickets.  We had a quick little chat about a helmet being a requirement, and after we both finally got on the same page, all she cared about was getting on that horse! 

The horse's name was Harry, and the one she got to ride was the biggest of them all. My precious baby girl looked so tiny, but man was she in love!  We've already made plans to visit my aunt's house tomorrow morning so she can ride some more horses. 

After the pony (more like horse) rides, we roamed around the rest of the farm area checking out the other animals...of course we couldn't miss the pigs or the cows. 

I was all excited about taking her to the pumpkin patch area to snap some good photos and she was having none of it.  I finally convinced her that we would go back to the cows after we picked out a pumpkin, but she still wasn't very cooperative with pumpkin patch pictures.  Oh well, she found a big one and two "baby" ones to take home and I still managed to snap a couple of pictures of her. 

And then of course it was back to the animals.  We stopped to check out some donkeys in another pen...and wouldn't you know it, there was NO LINE at the pony aka Horse rides again. 

And as luck would have it, Harry was available yet again for a rider.  This time I got to walk with her while Daddy took the pictures. 

We then made our way over to the bounce house and inflatable slide, and made one more trip to visit the cows until we had to call it a night because they were closing the Farm for the evening. 

But I can promise you...we will be back.  This girl loves the farm, and with the promise of pony rides, bouncy slides, cows, and baby pigs...I'm sure she'll be begging to make many more visits before the Fall Fest ends for the year.  Of course...who cares about the pumpkins or the hayrides?!?  Not my girl!


Melanie said...

Looks like a fun place! Love her fringe boots too!!

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

Um, so can I just say that you are seriously the most gorgeous pregnant momma!!! Such style;) and those fringe booties!!! I NEED THEM IN MY SIZE PLEASE.