Friday, September 5, 2014


Well it's been a week of  ups and downs for sure...but we're currently on an up and I couldn't be happier! 
*Wednesday I spent my morning at my OB's office enjoying the fabulous GlucoCrush drink!  I failed my one-hour glucola test with Elyse and had to take the three-hour test (aka HELL).  I was expecting to fail this time as well...but instead got the incredible news that I passed with flying colors!!!  Oh and for all you first-time moms out there...the drink isn't nearly as bad as they make it sound, mine tasted like flat, orange pop. 

*While I was at the doctor, Elyse went and spent the morning with my bestie and her little boy.  They are almost exactly a year apart, but they LOVE each other and they had a great morning!  I was a little nervous about how she would handle it because I don't typically drop her off at random places...but she was a rockstar!  Needless to say I think they had a great time! 

*Poor Nora Kay, after the news of my glucose test I've been filling my body with any sweets I could find...which also happens to include the leftover batter from cupcakes I made for a family gathering tonight.  Yes, I licked the bowl.  Yes, there were raw eggs in the batter.  Yes, I don't feel a single bit guilty.  Second kid problems for sure!  ha! 

*Today is the last forecast day of super hot weather, and then it's supposed to cool down and feel a bit more like fall.  Today I broke out my Chuck Taylor's with my maternity jeans.  Add in the fact that I am still a little in shock that I passed my glucose test...I was feeling like an adorable, cute 27 week pregnant woman! 

Happy Weekend, we've got lots of fun stuff going on!  Hope you do as well!


TOI said...

i'm so happy to read thst things are on the up side. I love the name Nora Kay, and I've read the meaning behind the choice, so sweet.

I always thought that the glucose test drink is like orange pop too, I never understood why people describe it very bad.

Amanda Klein said...

Lol at the "second kid problems"- I felt I was even more lax just at the end of my pregnancy versus the beginning!! Love the polkadot bump!!

Makeover With Aspen said...

That glucose drink is NAstay! I hated it with both pregnancies.

Makeover With Aspen

Melanie said...

Yay..glad you passed your blood glucose test! I failed my first one with Makayla too..that 3 hour test is terrible!!

Courtney B said...

I'm soooo glad you passed! I agree with you on the drink, flat orange soda! Not the tastiest, but I didn't gag it down!
Enjoy those sweets, momma! I bet Nora Kay is loooving them ;)

Sara McCarty said...

Loving your bump and your updates. Sorry for the lack of commenting and love lately. I promise I'm still reading, just usually in the middle of the night on my phone while feeding the baby. But I'm still here and love following along on this journey with you. You are totally adorable!