Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nora Kay Love ~ 26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 Weeks
How big is baby:  Hothouse Cucumber, 1.75 lb

Gender: My sweet baby girl, Nora Kay!

Weight gain/loss: Who knows.  I've decided that I'm probably just going to gain about the same amount of weight that I did with Elyse...and that's ok.  It all came off with her, so with a little bit of hardwork and a LOT of breastfeeding, hopefully it will all come off as easily again! 
Sleep: No changes.  Still good. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: No changes here...but with my glucose test tomorrow I've been trying to limit my sugar intake, so of course I'm craving what I can't have! 

Movement: Lots of it!  She's still going strong, and just when I begin to think I haven't felt her for awhile she will kick or roll or dance around to remind me she's doing just fine! 

What I'm NOT loving: As I mentioned in yesterday's post, last week was just pretty crappy all the way around.  I finally met with a kidney specialist for some issues that were first realized back in the late Spring, which resulted in some unnecessary from me.  My blood pressure was also slightly elevated which made me freak out maybe a little too much...and of course freaking out doesn't help blood pressure numbers at all.  So...I'm NOT loving all the needle pricks and waiting for test results and uncertainity...but in the end all I care about is Nora being safe & healthy.  Oh...and did I mention my 1 hour glucose test is tomorrow?  The test I failed with Elyse and then had to take the 3 hour?  Yeah. That's tomorrow.  So I'm obviously looking forward to that as well.  Or not.

Symptoms: Yeah, no change here either.  Boobs. Belly. Fatter Face. That is all.
What I'm looking forward to:  Well honestly as much as I'm not looking forward to my glucose test, I'm looking forward to my doctor's appointment tomorrow.  I'd love to have some reassurance from my doctor about Nora's health, I just want to hear her heartbeat,...and honestly, I'm already looking forward to holding Nora in my arms and this whole pregnancy being behind me.  I don't want to wish it away, and Nora definitely needs to stay nice and cozy in my belly for awhile longer...but to say the least this pregnancy hasn't been quite as easy as Elyse's. 
Best moment of the week: We had a fabulously relaxing Labor Day weekend, loads of family time, fun with Elyse, and a chance for me to try and forget all the craziness for a bit.  Some of my good friends have also offered to throw me another shower, so I finished up a quick registry at Amazon & at Target.  It's so fun to look at all the fun new baby stuff! 

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

Hope the DRs appointment was all good news!