Friday, September 26, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

Lots of randomness for this week...but that's what you get when I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant! How is that even possible?!? 
Linking up with fellow-momma to be Karli over at September FARM...
 1.  Last year our church started what hopes to be an annual tradition of a Saturday night church service on a September weekend.  We have a BBQ competition, some fun music from our band and then our standard worship service...but outside.  It was a great time and Elyse apparently had her first date this year...
Oh yes, they are already betrothed.  We are all about arranged marriage in our family--especially when his momma is my best friend from childhood! 
2.  I left Hubby in charge of Elyse while I went to Zumba on Monday...they went to Lowe's to ride the racecar carts and came home with Pumpkin Minnie.  She's obviously very proud. 

3.  On Wednesday I had planned a little day-out with my mom & my mother-in-law along with Elyse & I for a quick trip down to Branson for some Fall closet updates for Elyse.  I would be extremely embarrassed if I showed you the amount of stuff we brought home, but let's just say that Elyse is pretty much set for Fall.  And Winter.  And maybe next winter since we bought 4T's.  Little girl is so tall that it doesn't make sense to buy her 3T's anymore...we skipped right over that size! 

After shopping we had lunch at a fabulous little cafe & bakery called Sugar Leaf and Elyse was in love with this big rocking chair.  We had a great day out and I hope to plan more in the future! 

4.  Nora's nursery is definitely coming along.  Walls are painted, crib has been assembled, and some of the details have been completed.  We have plans to work on closet organization for both girls this weekend and her rocker-recliner is also ready to be picked up!  Woohoo! 

 5.  I figured that the first official week of fall couldn't be complete without a homemade apple pie.  My grandma (my dad's mom) taught me to make apple pie YEARS ago.  I actually now use my mom's crust recipe, but I still use the filling mixture that my grandma and I perfected MANY years ago.  Oh and just a fun tidbit...I used to enter into our Apple Pie Baking Contest at our local fall festival when I was younger, and one year I even won $100!  Needless to say, this pie was delicious and our house smelled amazing. 

 6.  And a bonus on the list because it's definitely worth mentioning...MOMMA GOT A NEW RIDE!!!  It's a 2013 Buick Enclave and I couldn't be happier!  We've been looking for awhile, but as of yesterday morning one of the local dealerships reduced the sales price pretty substantially so we jumped on it!  Hubby took care of all the paperwork over his lunch hour and Elyse & I met him after work to finish everything up.  Bye bye Jeep...hello Buick! 


Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

All the ramdomness is so cute... love pumpkin minnie... and it's okay to buy clothes for the older girl as you'll just have lots for your second daughter... #mommath

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Melanie said...

Ok..your driving my dream car!!! Trying not to be jealous over here..ha!! Seriously..congrats..that is an awesome vehicle..we had one as a rental on vacation..LOVED IT!!

Susannah said...

I'm glad to see your little one is starting dating young. ;-)