Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day via iPhone

Last week was rough...Everything appears to be normal now and I'll have more of an update tomorrow with my Nora Kay Love post...but things were a little stressful for me.  A little stress was only aggravated by the fact that I may have freaked out a little more than necessary...but more on that tomorrow. 
Friday morning I had to go to the hospital for some blood work and this was my view as I left the house.  No other cars on the road and God reminding me that He is good.  All the time. 

After my labwork (which I survived), I came back to work and we spent the evening at my parents' house.  They had been gone for a week on vacation so we stayed down for dinner and some fun.  Of course they mainly just wanted to spend some extra time with Elyse, but we got to catch up as well. 

Elyse finally got her wish and took her maiden voyage on the paddle boat at my grandparents' pond.  I really wasn't sure how she would do with it, but she LOVED every second.  I can see a new activity forming every time we visit the pond. 

Saturday was a casual morning and then we paid a visit to one of Elyse's favorite places on earth...Rutledge Wilson Community Farm Park.  She was super excited to see all the animals and as luck would have it, 12 baby piglets had been born just the day before!  They were absolutely adorable and Elyse was in Hog Heaven...or I guess Piglet Paradise in this case! 

 She wasn't able to pet the newborns, but they also had two 3-week old piglets there and I just know that Elyse would have taken one home if given the opportunity! 

We spent Saturday afternoon resting & relaxing and then Elyse played with her panties. Forever.  She would unstack and restack and sort and throw them in the air and gather them up again.  It's quite hilarious to see her sitting, watching tv with 20+ pair of panties in her lap! 
 I headed out Saturday evening for a ridiculous casual girls' night. We dressed in our comfy clothes, brought food that we ate straight out of the serving dishes, and sat around the table having fabulous conversation. I seriously considered taking a picture and tagging it..."The Non-Pinterest version of Girls Night!"  Ha!  I am super blessed to be surrounded by some amazing women! 

Sunday we had church, Elyse & I headed to the pool, and Hubby headed to the golf course...a pretty great day...with nothing really to document. 

Yesterday for our day off we had planned on taking Elyse to the zoo...but we woke up to a stormy, rainy morning and none of us were really too motivated to get moving.  We finally loaded up to run a few errands and grab lunch at Chickfila...Elyse spotted Barnes & Noble and requested a stop at the "bookstore."  Apparently finally deciding on the Rainbow Fish was just too much for her, she crashed within minutes of loading back in the car. 

After we loaded back up and headed to Branson to meet my parents and my brother's family for dinner at Cantina Laredo on Branson Landing.  We don't live more than 30 minutes from each other...but sometimes our schedules just don't work out to get together very often.  It was an absolutely beautiful evening & our girls LOVED playing along the boardwalk! 

It was a fabulous evening...and I can't wait to see our girls' continue to grow up together.  There are 18 months between Elyse & Harper and there will be another 18 months between Harper & Nora.  Man...we're totally going to have our hands full with all these girls!  But oh what joy they will bring to us! 

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Courtney B said...

The paddle boat looks SO fun! Mia would totally be all about it!
I hope you and baby Nora Kaye are okay!! I'm praying for you both!!