Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!

I'm linking up my Friday randoms post with Karli over at September Farm.  We're both pregnant with little girls who will have Big Sister's to welcome them to the family.  She's due a few weeks before me, but it's been so fun to follow along with someone going through practically the exact same things as I am! 

1.  We finally got curtains for our living room and dining area.  I've yet to share a full house tour on here, but I couldn't wait to share the curtains.  I was super picky when looking for curtains and finally pulled the trigger on these from WorldMarket.  We needed super long curtains and several of price was definitely a limiting factor.  However, I couldn't love them more and I love how they complete our room. 
2.  We're headed out on Sunday for a little fall family getaway and I'm super excited about the weather!  Check that out...just a few 80s thrown in there, but definitely a sign of more Fall to come!

3.  Elyse was in an arts & crafts mode this week while at home.  We painted and colored and created sculptures with Playdoh...I of course followed her inspiration and bought a bigger craft box at Target yesterday with even more craft supplies. 

4.  The weather has been cooling down which makes family walks in the evening much more pleasant.  Elyse has been choosing to "walk" Bogey instead of riding in her stroller and they are both doing remarkably well with it.  Bogey seems to realize that a little person is holding on to the leash so he doesn't run at break-neck speed.  These three...they are my life!  And I can't wait until we add a 4th to that group!

5.  Tonight our church is holding a women's night for a National Women's Organization called LeadHer that is based right here in Springfield, MO.  I've recently been getting to know the National Director and she is absolutely amazing!  Several of our small group girls are using it as an excuse for a Girls' Night Out and I'm super excited to see what God has to say to all of us in this short time!  The entire event is actually being streamed live on our church website if you'd like to listen in! Listen Live @
Happy Weekend everyone!  Enjoy all the fall weather!


Hannah said...

Love those curtains! It's always so exciting to find what you're looking for. And yay for Fall weather! I hope you all enjoy your weekend together.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

A) I can't believe you are 27 weeks already!

B) love the curtains

c) Loooove that it is finally turning into fall!

Sara McCarty said...

So cute! We've been taking family walks up and down our street in the evenings too. Mac loves pushing the stroller for Mim and being a good helper. He's reckless, but at least he's trying! I can't wait to see Elyse with her baby sister soon!