Monday, June 8, 2009

Belated Birthdays, Ballgames & Bark in the Park 2009

Hubby & I ended up having quite the weekend, considering we thought we were going to have a fairly quiet weekend at home with a few events thrown in. Friday night we met up with my parents, brother & sister-in-law for a belated birthday dinner for both of my parents. Their birthdays were both while we were in Florida and while Hubby & I were with them, my brother wasn't (plus I had failed to buy a present before heading to FL). So we had dinner then headed to the driving range for a bit and then off to Andy's Frozen Custard for dessert...which in my opinion is the best custard around...hands down!

Saturday I had to work & Hubby had a golf tournament in the morning (his team took 2nd place!!!) then in the afternoon we worked in the yard. Saturday night we headed to a Springfield Cardinals game (the Double-A affiliate of non other than the STL Cardinals) because his work had purchased a block of tickets & it included a free meal!!!

The highlight of our weekend was Sunday evening. After church in the morning and some unexpected yard work/sprinkler repair in the afternoon we got all decked out in our STL Cardinals gear again to head back to the ballpark. Why you might ask?!? Well, because Sunday night was Bark in the Park with the Springfield Cardinals...meaning we got to take Bogey to the ballpark. I have to admit I was quite apprehensive about the whole situation as I had images of Marley & Me where Marley runs away from his owners and takes off across the ball field. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised & we had a fantastic time! Bogey was a perfect gentleman for the most part & since he's just a beautiful dog he certainly took part in stealing the show. I took tons of pictures so enjoy!

The start of the dog parade where Hubby got to walk Bogey around the entire field! I was such a proud mom!
My family crew taking part in the parade--Hubby & Bogey are out in front
Louie the mascot stopped for a quick photo-op
Hubby & Bogey showing off for the crowd!
My sister-in-law Millie, their Bichon/Maltese Romo, & my brother
My dad and Josie, a Havenese pup!
Nick kept Bogey occupied for awhile be feeding him peanuts---he loved it!
Bogey enjoying the sun (Don't you love his bandana?) & Josie checking him out
Don't they always say that owners start to look like their dogs?
The next series of photos is our attempt at a family photo...needless to say it didn't quite turn out like we'd hoped!
Take 1--Good of the lovely couple, Bogey not so much
Score: Bogey 2, Lovely Couple 0
Waving the White Flag---Bogey 3, Lovely Couple 0
Oh well, this is what our life is like most of the time...who wants a perfect family photo anyway?


Lyryn said...

Oh my, that looked like so much fun!! And yes… perfect family photo!

Lindsey said...

What a blast!!!