Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Rewind

For the most part, this weekend included beautiful weather & relaxation. Friday night we had dinner with some friends at their house. We had a great time & enjoyed hanging out with their kids as well!
Saturday morning I had to work & Hubby had a golf tournament. It was a tournament to benefit the Lions' Club that my dad is a member of & Hubby played with his brother-in-law. I am very proud to say that THEY WON!!! Woohoo! They did donate the winnings back to the Lions' Club since the tournament was for charity....Aww, way to go guys!
Saturday afternoon I headed to Walmart & in addition to the weekly groceries I also picked up a new pool for Bogey. (You know, those blue plastic pools for little kids!) He had already destroyed one this year, but it's just getting to hot to leave him everyday without plenty of water. I pulled the new one around to the back & filled it with water--he couldn't have been more excited. I was planning to grab some pictures, but trust was not the place for a camera! HE LOVES THE WATER!!! We spent the rest of the afternoon doing yardwork & picking up around the house. I honestly love doing this so it was no big deal for me.
Last night we headed out to a local Mexican Restaurant called Maria's & had a fabulous date night. After dinner we headed to a nearby park where we actually spent a lot of time when we were dating. It was a beautiful evening, not to cool--not to hot, & it was so fun to reminisce about our relationship & just spend time together. We then came home & Hubby got a wonderful fire going in the firepit. I just love this! It was so peaceful & nice to just enjoy the beautiful evening.
Today after church we came home & actually both took a power nap. We'll spend the rest of the day just relaxing & enjoying the sunshine! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Oh and by the way...2 Congratulations are in order.
Happy 1st Anniversary to Nick & Millie!

Photo by VM Photo Design

Today my brother & his wife are celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary. Congratulations you two! We love you!

Also, just click on the link below if you need a pick me up! My cousin Kevin is a freelance musician aka drummer for the worship team who plays at almost all of Beth Moore's conferences. Congratulations to Kevin & Ashley on what I know will be a wonderful life together!


The New Mrs said...

Weekends full of relaxation and beautiful weather are always much needed! And congrats to your brother+sister in law on their one year anniversary.

CAC said...

this guy is your cousin!? that's cool! this video is flying around the blog scene. :) congrats to him and to your brother!

Lyryn said...

Sounded like a beautiful and relaxing weekend! Glad to hear you had fun!!! Oh, and that is so great about going to the park and spending time where you guys use to date! I just had a convo with my hubby about doing stuff like that. So important!!! Blessings!!! :)

Megan said...

I watched that engagement video last night, So cool! Congrats to your cousin!

Lindsey said...

What a fab weekend, sounds perfect!