Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So last night around 8:15 pm, Hubby & I are in our house enjoying the air conditioning doing our own thing when all of a sudden the power is gone. It doesn't flicker, it doesn't pop, it's just gone. It's still plenty light outside at this point so we head outside into the 95 degree weather (very carefully as to not allow too much heat inside) to take Bogey for a walk. We learn that our entire subdivision is without power & so are people in our town almost a mile away. We head back into the house & I continue folding the laundry while Hubby holds the flashlight for me so I can properly match socks. About 9:15 the power flicks back on, then off, then on again.

YEAH!!! We have power...oh wait, no we don't. It's now 9:45 and the power goes back off. This time it's really dark in our house so I start gathering candles to light so I can at least see where I'm going. However, in a house where the air conditioner is no longer running is it really energy efficient to light a bunch of mini-fires in your house to create light when this is really also creating small amounts of heat?!? Oh well, we did it anyway & then decided it was time to head to bed. We gathered some wet washclothes to keep us fairly cool & we laid down in our incredibly quite house. Do you know how quiet it is in a house with absolutely no noise? No A/C, no fans, no electronics buzzing, no nothing. It was certainly hard to get used to, but we headed to bed simply laying on top of any sheets as it was way too hot to be under them.

We woke up about 12:50 AM as we realized that there were lights now on in our kitchen & our television had kicked on--of course we would forget to turn them all off when the power is already out. Aww...what a fantastic sound, the hum of the A/C!!!

Apparently there was a malfunction at the power station & almost 1/3 of our town was without power--some people still didn't have it this morning. At least we were one of the lucky ones!


Lindsey said...

Oh no! Not fun at all.

Lyryn said...

Oh... that stinks! I hate when that happens. At least it came on before morning!