Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He asked for it...

Last night after Hubby got home from work I asked him if he checked out the blog that I had written yesterday about the weekend. "Yes..." he responded with a bit of disappointment in his voice..."But I'm a little hurt." "Why?" I ask. And he responds with something that may forever be used against him..."I thought you were going to use the picture of me in the Batman mask?!?"

Sidenote: Blogging is something I decided to do about a year ago to keep track of the happenings in our life & also to have some way to look back on where Hubby & I have been. While I did discuss this with Hubby, it was more like I just told him that I was going to do it as something to pass the time--therefore, while I almost always include the happenings in our life together, I try not to embarrass him on here or even discuss those incredibly funny personal couple moments.

So...when I snapped the picture of him in the Batman mask he might have been assuming that it was blog material--but I had no intentions to include it...

However....ask & ye shall receive!!

Don't you just love his cheesy grin and his closed eyes?!?

Hubby, I do love you so much and I'm so thankful for the times that you are able to make me smile when nothing else can! You truly bring joy to my life & I look forward to taking many more photos of you in Batman masks, with your tongue sticking out, & with you making weird faces. Those photos only make me smile even more & the remind me why of one of the reasons I married you in the first place. You make me so happy! Wifey

p.s. hope you don't regret asking me about the Batman picture! ;o)


Lindsey said...

Hahahaha cute!!

Savvy Gal said...

very cute. : )

Shayla said...

:) haha that is so cute that he asked for the pic to be included!!!

What a sweet man!!!!