Friday, October 9, 2009

Waders...check, Canoe...check, Paddle....check

Ok, so I don't actually own any of those things, but after driving to work this morning I think they might need to be on my shopping list. It basically rained constantly for the last 24 hours & while I don't have an exact rainfall total at our house, there have been reports of anywhere from 5.5" to 10.8" of rain. Whew! There is water everywhere. I left for work a little bit early so I could go look at all the runoff--I grabbed these pictures at the creek that is south of my parent's house. This creek ALWAYS floods & normally ends up over the road when we have a big rain. It had already receded quite a bit but I could definitely tell where the water had been.

There is actually a house behind that tree on the left---it hardly every floods the house, but the bridge over the creek is completely underwater--she's not going anywhere for awhile!

Notice the yellow house at the top of the hill? Yup, they're not going anywhere for awhile either!

The same creek near my parents' house runs through our city park a little bit downstream. It was obviously almost out of it's banks as well.

In the monsoon last night we did get to see my grandma as she got settled into her rehab facility. We are all very optimistic about her recovery even if it is going to take a while. I'm just so happy to have her back in Missouri and nearby. As I went to hug her the first time she said "Hey Sugar" which she almost always says to me so I know her mind is just fine & that God has his hands on her healing process. The facility fully encourages visitors so I'll figure that I'll be visiting fairly frequently. Thanks for all your kind words about her, it's going to be a long road but we know she's capable of about anything!

Hubby's parents are in town for our nephews' birthday parties--we have a party tonight & tomorrow night. Plus I'm helping with a craft show on Sunday. Hopefully I'll be back with some great pics!


Mrs. A said...

wow that's insane. We're getting crazy amounts of rain in OK too but it's nothing compared to that mess.

Lyr said...

That is totally crazy! Ugh... I hope it lets up soon!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like our weather too, rain go away!=)