Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekend Rewind

It's just Saturday night & I already feel like I've had such a full weekend...I just love 3-day weekends! Hubby & I left early Friday morning and headed to STL for some quick shopping before the entertainment began. A nice coincidence in timing allowed us to have dinner with my parents at the Cheescake Factory--gotta get that nourishment in before a big afternoon of shopping! After lunch, we shopped and I picked up some cute things from Anthropologie & Francesca's Collection (possibly my 2 favorite stores). I tried...
Interrupted to bring you another Bogey I was sitting here typing this I looked over and realized that Bogey was peeing in our house on the hard wood floor. I yelled at him to STOP! and he apparently got scared, didn't finish, & then moved over about 3 feet and proceeded to finish peeing in another spot. Let me just say that Bogey is not an indoor dog but we have had him in the house countless times and have never had an accident! (except for those 2 minor "marking my spot" incidents) I guess we're partly to blame as we had noticed that he was drinking a lot from the toilet---we'll do better next time!
Anyways...back to where I was, which I don't even remember what I was about to type so I'll start over. I got some great things for fall including a pair of jeans, a new black cardigan, and a couple of tops that will make the transition from late summer to fall to even winter very well. The cardigan has already been put to good use as it was definitely a little chilly last night on the way to the theater & then today at the ballgame.
Before the show last night we had dinner at a fantastic restaurant called Vito's. It's only about 2 blocks from the theater so we were able to just park & walk from the restaurant. I had the house salad & seafood ravioli...oh I was sooo full! As for Phantom of the Opera, all I can say is WOW!!! The actors/actresses were incredible, the stage sets were unbelieveable, & the costumes were absolutely breathtaking! The music is still probably my favorite part--I always love it when I've heard some of the songs before. We were about 10 rows from the front and it was definitely worth it. If you love theater and have a chance to see the Phantom...don't hesitate, it's phenomonal!
The outside of the Fox is so beautiful inside but they won't let you take pictures!

This morning we grabbed a quick breakfast & then did some brief shopping before heading to the game. I picked up a few sale items at Pier One & a neat wire pumpkin to add to my fall decor. We headed to the game & had a great time. We had great seats & the sun even managed to come out for a bit to warm us all up! I love the atmosphere of the ball park--all the fans, the little kids in awe of the players, and of course the food!

Hubby & I a few rows down from our seats--we had a great view!!!

The Man...Mr. Albert Pujols! (no homeruns or even hits today, but he's still awesome!)

The Cards clinched their playoff victory last week--Playoffs start on Tuesday! Woohoo!!

Overall it was an amazing weekend with lots of fun had by Hubby & I--I just treasure these times so much when we can take a quick weekend trip to get away for awhile!

On a much more serious note, last week my dad's parents & his sister & brother-in-law headed out on a road trip to visit some family members in Washington state & take in some of the beautiful sites in that part of the country. On Thursday morning we got a phone call that my grandma had fallen and had most likely had a stroke. They rushed her to the hospital, transferred her to a bigger, better hospital and she's still there awaiting lots of test results. Hopefully they'll be able to fly her home in a few days & my aunt & uncle can drive the car home. She has never experienced anything like this so my prayer's at this time are that the doctors would determine the cause & hopefully try as hard as they can to prevent it from happening again. She is one of the most active 70+ year olds I know & has always been the picture of good health--it's almost impossible for me to imagine her even being near a hospital--let alone in the ICU. It's definitely a scary time especially since most of us can't be with her; however, I know that God has full control over the situation and will take care of her & the rest of our family as they determine what the next step needs to be.

Today, my other aunt sent her a bouquet of 18 flowers symbolizing all of her immediate family who can't be there with her. I just hope she knows how much we love her & we are thinking of her each moment of every day.

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Praying for your grandma!