Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Voices from Paradise

Since my parents are gone experiencing God's paradise in Tahiti, I've been spending some of my lunch hours at their house. I don't want Josie to completely think they abandoned her so I take her to that familiar place...and also, let's be honest...I'm kinda cheap and can't afford to eat lunch out every day so I've been eating their stockpile of Weight Watchers meals, PB & J, & whatever else I can manage to find (this is all with their approval of course). They did hire my cousin to housesit for them & to take care of things, but I also like to make sure everything is ok for myself.

Sooo...yesterday after I had finished eating I was wasting time doing what else but reading blogs, & their house phone rings. I hesitated to answer it assuming it was a telemarketer since most everyone that would need anything knows they are completely out of the country. However, I answered it anyway and boy, am I glad I did! Hello? Hello? Nothing but dead air & I am convinced that my assumption was correct--it's a telemarketer. But then on the other end of the phone I hear the same words I had just voiced...Hello? Heellloo? Dad?!? Yes, it was my parents calling from thousands of miles away!!! I was so excited at first that I couldn't hardly believe that I was actually talking to them. It was only for about 15 minutes, but just hearing their voices was so refreshing & completely made my day. I reminded them that everything was great here & they told me about a few of their adventures & how beautiful it was & then it was over. We said goodbye & I love you & I'll see them on Sunday evening at the airport with my arms open wide.

They've taken trips by themselves before but never for this long & we normally have at least some way to communicate no matter how brief. Now you may be thinking I'm crazy for getting so excited over a phone call but you have to remember that 5 days a week I work with my dad & most days we both go home or go out to eat lunch with my mom as well. On the weekends it is probably very rare that I don't see them at least one additional time & I most certainly talk to my mom at least once. Needless to say, the idea of not talking to or seeing them for 14 days is definitely out of the ordinary. I'm thrilled to hear that they are having a fabulous time, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss them & I wasn't ready for them to come home. They are truly my 2 best friends, next to Hubby of course. I treasure the relationship I have with them & couldn't ask for two better role models and advice givers.

Mom & Dad...I know you'll read this when you get back--I love you so much & thank goodness I answered the phone!!!

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