Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Rewind

What a great weekend!!!! The weather started off a little cool, but by this afternoon (Sunday) the sun came out & temps warmed into the 60s. This is definitely the fall weather I've been looking for.
Friday evening Hubby & I just spent the evening at home, grilled steaks, & watched a movie. It was so nice to just relax & hang out at home--sometimes we don't do enough of that.
Yesterday we spent the morning working around the house & then we headed down to my parents' house. They were hosting a reception/shower for my cousin & his new wife who got married in Tennessee over Labor Day. There was quite the turnout with probably at least 50 people there. My mom and I decided on a Holiday theme so everyone brough various Holiday decor and we decorated using red & green for Christmas. It was so fun & everyone really got into it! I so wish my Grandma & Grandpa could have been there--they would have loved seeing everyone, but sometimes God has other plans and she definitely needs to be in the rehab center where she is now.
The Happy Couple with the lovely spread--cupcakes, sugar cookies, spinach dip, crab dip, fruit & vegetable tray, & tortilla pinwheels! YUMMM!!
After the party, we came back & met Hubby's mom, sister, & nephews for dinner. We had a great dinner at Zio's and enjoyed some great conversation once we got back to our house. My mother-in-law even decided that we would make a homemade ride for Jackson--two adults holding the ends up a blanket while placing him in the middle laying down & then swinging him back & forth! He absolutely loved it!!!
This afternoon we grabbed a quick lunch & then came home to do some yardwork. Hubby mowed the yard for hopefully the last time of the year & I planted a BUNCH of tulip bulbs! They will come up next Spring & I can only hope they turn out like the pictures! I'll be sure to have an update in about 5-6 months! (photos from

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What a fab weekend!