Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Rewind

This weekend Hubby & I had a full schedule. Our nephews both have birthdays in October & since Hubby's parents live in Michigan, my sister-in-law planned both parties for the same weekend so they could be at both parties. In the future there will probably be just one big family party; however, Jackson is 1 this year so he definitely deserves his own first birthday! Friday night we had Jackson's party, had Mexican for dinner, & brownies & ice cream for dessert! Woohoo...bring on the calories! After dinner it was time for Jackson's cake, poor guy was worn out already & wasn't real sure about getting all fact, as you can see from the third picture he was definitely not happy.

Ok, how adorable are those eyes?!? And those eyelashes...why do baby boys always have such long eyelashes!
At first, he was quite curious about what the big round sweet thing was....
however, that all changed quite quickly and he was ready for a quick bath!

After his quick bath, my sister-in-law tried her hardest to keep his attention while she opened his presents but that just wasn't gonna happen. He got lots of cute stuff & a big, red Radio Flyer wagon!

Is he not just adorable!?

After presents, it was time for bed & then it was apparently time for the costume party! Unfortunately the only one who was prepared was Hunter... He brought out Batman...

& Buzz Lightyear! This is actually his Halloween costume that he has been using as know some fights just aren't worth fighting!

Hunter's party wasn't until Saturday night & his parents were busy with Hunter's friend party on Saturday afternoon, so we took advantage of the free time & headed out for an afternoon date! I just love afternoon dates! We grabbed lunch at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, Maria's! YUM!!! After lunch we headed to a matinee showing of Couples Retreat. For whatever reason I was in a funk on Saturday so this was definitely the right movie for us! I hadn't seen many previews and I laughed hard through almost the entire movie! After the movie we had just enough time for me to run to the grocery store & unfortunately buy a new battery for my car. Lovely, I hate spending money on car maintenance!!!
We headed out for Hunter's birthday party which was at Pizza Hut to avoid another night of cleanup for my sister-in-law and also because Pizza Hut is basically Hunter's most favorite place in the whole world! We ate all the pizza we could handle!!! Aunt L (me) & Uncle Nicky (Hubby) bought Hunter a St. Louis Cardinals Pujols t-shirt jersey & his very first Razor Scooter. I think his reaction when he started to tear off the paper was something like...OHHH MYYYY GOSHHHHHH!!! It was priceless & so worth every penny!
I think this was during the Oh my gosh moment!

Getting even more excited--hopefully it warms up so he can ride it soon!

Apparently costumes are his new thing...he got a fireman's costume & a train conductor costume--he's set!!!
Instead of real cake, he wanted a cookie cake which is definitely fine by me! It was sooo yummy!
Yesterday we went to church & then I went and helped my friend for a few hours at a craft show. I was mainly there to help tear down her booth as there really wasn't much selling going on yesterday. We rushed home & made it just in time for Small Group--I think I managed to crash on the couch about 9:15. I was wore out!
Hubby's mom will be in town for the rest of the week so we're going to get some great quality time with her! Hopefully we'll have dinner at least once, maybe twice! I'm also hoping for some warmer weather--we went straight from summer to winter!!!

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