Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Blogger

Alright so enough about the serious stuff...let's move on to something for Awards...& the weekend!!!

If there's one thing about this whole blogging thing that I am completely terrible about, it's responding to those lovely ladies who give me blogging awards. They all write this sweet little post about how fabulous, wonderful, happy, glamorous, etc., etc., etc. my blog is only to have me completely forget to acknowledge their award or at the most leave a comment of my thanks.

In hopes that I might (probably not) turn over a new leaf when it comes to blogging about awards...I would like to say THANKS!!! to Kathryn for giving me the following awards!!!

So the rules of this award are:

1) List 10 things that make you happy

--Date nights (or pretty much any other time) with Hubby

--Spending a week relaxing on the beach

--Bogey, I can't hardly look at the dog without smiling!

--Spending a great evening with my very closest girl friends

--Curling up with a good book that I can't hardly put down!

--Working outside in our flower beds at the beginning of Spring and then admiring our beautiful work

--Baking yummy things in the kitchen

--Eating those yummy things, cookies, cakes, pies...basically any kind of dessert

--Mom Days

--Cantina Laredo

2) Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day
Jenn @ Simply Jenn-Sational
Megan @ Tales of the Trees
Brittany @ Far More Than Rubies
Risley @ Adventures of the Wilkinsons
Hailey @ Destined for Royalty
Christin @ A Classy, Southern Bride
Mrs. A @ Adventures in the Life of Mr. & Mrs. A
Llama @ Llama Tales
Joelle @ Casa Cannon
Ria @ Life as a Wife!

--Some of these blogs I read because we're so similar & some I read simply because I know I can count on a good laugh & a smile from them each day. Take a moment & check these wonderful ladies out, they will certainly brighten your day!

3) If you are one of the 10 bloggers awarded, link back to my blog and continue brightening people's day!

Also, thanks to Risley for the Glamorous Blog Award! There weren't any rules that she gave me along with this award, so to all you wonderful bloggers out there go ahead & consider yourself Glamorous!!!

Hubby & I have a fun weekend filled with date night tonight, our college friends coming over for appetizers & football tomorrow night, & the start of our new Small Group session on Sunday night! Yippee!!!


Mrs. A said...

Thanks Lauren!

Ria Thurston said...

How fun! Thanks for the award, Lauren. I may post it today or just put it on my side bar, if that's okay :) :)

Have a fun weekend!

Heather said...

Congrats on your award Lauren!!